Can we repeat same evocation?

Can we repeat the same evocation as we get better at it and want to tweak it as we learn more about evocation? Or is it not recommended because we are thinking about the same evocation?

I would say this isn’t a problem. I cannot say I know best about this, as I do not! But I would think, that as you gain skill in communicating with other entities, and you wish to convey to them something not originally communicated, I don’t think they would think of this as a waste of time?

Thats the way of working new avatar power employes. For me works ok

This is just my advice so follow it if you wish.

First,learn more simple forms of spirit communication like opening a spirits sigil and just talking to it.Free your mind and let the entity speak with you through telepathy.

Once you’ve got a grasp on that start evoking.
Choose ONE spirit to evoke once every day or two.
Choose a spirit that can help with communication like Paralda,Mepsitahl,Sastan,or even Azazel.

If you’re going to evoke them over and over it’s better to learn from them first instead of issuing task after task.

Ask for knowledge and enhancement with your communication and majickal power.

Building an altar to the entity you choose will also help tremendously.

Good luck and keep us posted!

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