Can we have a thread about cryptids and spooky encounters?

Post anything related to cryptids, cryptozoology or spooky encounters in the woods. This includes stories, personal encounters, videos, pictures and art.


I’ll start. When I was a kid I was riding my bike on a trail in the Ozark Mountains. This was a normal thing for me to do on the weekends because my family owned property next to the national forest. On this particular trip I was about an hour away from home and civilization. It rained the day before but I didn’t mind getting muddy on the trail. At some point I decided to get off of my bike and take a break. It was a point in the trail that I’ve never been to before. So I wanted to explore the area for a bit.

Chills are going down my spine while I’m typing this.

I left my bike on the trail and decided to collect some crystals I spotted while riding in the surrounding area. Eventually I wondered way off the trail into the woods. I wasn’t lost but I didn’t realize how far away from the trail I really was until I started getting a bad gut feeling. It felt like something was watching me. And it wasn’t very comforting because this feeling scared the shit out of me.

This feeling got worse when I stopped what I was doing to see what was going on in the surrounding area. I noticed that it was quiet. I mean really quiet. Like there was no birds chirping, the squirrels weren’t moving about and the cicadas weren’t singing. This was fucking weird because the cicadas are always singing.

When I noticed this that’s when I heard the first banging sound. It sounded like someone took a log and smacked the side of a tree with it. Then I heard another in the opposite direction. And another and another. Before I knew It I was hearing these sounds from every direction. I had to get the fuck out of there. So I bolted to my bike.

When I got to my bike it was knocked over on its side in the mud. And I saw a huge footprint next to it. I grabbed my bike and rode home as fast I could.

After that happened I never went to that part of the woods again. It was one of the most terrifying experiences I’ve ever had.


I wish I had stuff to contribute. I only have experiences with spirits in the woods.


It’s cool if you want to contribute something you experienced in the woods. Bigfoot could be a type of spirit. I changed the topic so your post meets the criteria.


There are many patches of woods in my area, mainly surrounding the local creek. They are all kind of the same woods but geography makes them seem a bit more separate. Ive been all through these woods, seen the strongest physical manifestations i have ever seen on the traintracks that run through there.

Ive had breakdowns, or others have had breakdowns on certain areas when I was younger and less skilled. My mother who had family in the area was once on one of the trails with a boy as a teen. Apparently out of nowhere she got such a bad feeling from the area she just ran and left the guy there lol. This was during the day also.

One of the most elusive but also common phenomena I have experienced in the area is a laughing woman. I have heard her in 2 or 3 locations. Twice at two different spots on a trail, and once on the other side of the creek, up a hill, and on a road that hugs the treeline.

Im kinda spooking myself now because I know I heard her 3 times, but I have no memory of the last one :thinking:

Once on the trail I was alone with a friend, I think we might have been smoking weed. We both get a strange feeling, and then hear laughter come from deeper on the trail. Now this part of the trail is interesting, before they cleaved the foliage ruining a beautiful environment and home to many, the trees bent and curl to form a closed arch above you. It is serene, and if its night, dark.

Of course the sun was setting and that area of the trail literally becomes pitch black, and I see well in the dark. The laughter was off. It wasnt someone laughing with a friend, or talking on the phone. It was the type of laugh someone gives when theyre laughing at people having a joke played on them. Before and after the laughter, there was nothing but silence.

That area of the trail has significant UPG to a friend of mine, and ive heard more strange stories from others. Its mine country, and there are countless under those hills.

The other location, came as me and a group of friends were exiting the woods. We had been exploring an abandoned house off one of the trails and the creek (rip house). We are along the road now, in a bit we will split off and go our separate ways home.

The group of us are walking along, and as we pass a tree, a big branch from higher up snaps and falls down. This might be me misremembering but I think I saw a bit of red when it happened. I for sure heard that same womans laugh though. I ask my friends, and none saw the light or heard the voice.

At that time the road was closed to cars and was foot traffic only, and it was rarely used so all the street lamps are burnt out. With its location hugging a steep wooded hill, at night it got dark. So dark, and this isnt an exaggeration, it looked like a wall when you approached it. It wasnt shadows or shade, it was a wall of pure black.

All this stuff happened when I was a teen. Bonus fact: i was walking that road a few months ago, which is now reopened to cars and has lights, and something was definitely stalking me from behind the treeline. I thought it was deer at first, but a deer wouldnt bother me. Then I thought it was a coyote, which maybe, but alone is kind of strange and I would have thought a coyote would be quieter. I just kept growling at whatever it was lol. It left me after some houses got in its way.

Edit: sorry its so long, but I thought more context was needed than just laughing girl innawoods.


Freaky story


I have no idea WHAT I’ve almost hit with my car that one night (May '20). I was driving through a forest because some of the main roads to my destination got closed and I had to make it around the blocking without investing another 2 hours (it was already late AF and I didn’t want to spend the whole night cruising around). It emegered from the left side of the forest road and it almost ran into my left wheel; I did an emergency brake and a second later the animal disappeared into the forest on the right side of the road.

I am convinced that it was a creature that looked like a hare with antlers, standing on two legs. I remember that I’ve thought “Damn, I’ve never seen anything like that before” all the way to my destination until I got to bed. After that encounter my car was acting up all night with randomly activating its headlights on its own (I could see it because I’ve parked it in front of the bedroom window).

I would joke about how I’ve encountered a Wolpertinger and stuff. I am a sceptic at heart when it comes to cryptids but this thing I couldn’t explain.


Not my story but my dad swore he once saw Bigfoot. He lived in Newfoundland for a couple of years when he was younger. One day he said he was walking up this relatively large hill. At the bottom of the hill was a forest. As he was walking up the hill he said he heard a lot of noise/commotion, like branches breaking as something was running through the forest, and also this low grumble that he said he had never heard an animal make before.

He started to get spooked so he started to run up the hill. When he was about half way up he looked back and saw something come out of the forest. He said it was huge and it stood perfectly upright. The way it moved, he claimed, made it impossible to confuse it with a bear, as it looked like it was naturally bipedal, not a bear (or something) walking/standing on its hind legs for a short while. Plus, this thing was way bigger than any bear would be in that area.

He just stood there, frozen. He said as it came out of the forest it looked right at him. They stared at each other for only like a second but my dad said it felt like forever. Then it turned around and walked back into the forest. My dad ran back home and told people and everyone said that it must have been a bear but he swore that, whatever it was, it was definitely not a bear.

Every time my dad would tell that story he would shake and almost tear up. That encounter (whether Bigfoot, or not) really shook him, even years later.


Mothman is a excellent cryptic being I like, and funny enough in certain times depending on where you are in fallout 76 you will get jumpscared by a enemy version of mothman…not the one picture which is from a event to summon wise mothman

I watched Buzzfeed unsolved going over mothman origins and how a kid thought it was batman on a roof

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When I was little I remember seeing a huge bat fly off of my grandmother’s house, and I’m talking the size of a large pig. The wings even had a very strong flapping sound. I remember telling my mother about it and she didn’t think it was real. I ended up searching everywhere on the internet about huge bats in VA, but nothing. That’s about all I have in my experiences.

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Are they witches friendly? In the woods it seems that wolfs, foxes, deers and so on don’t see the witches or are not afraid of them. They always come like 1-2meters near to me in a natural state not aggressiv, not fearful. Even bears but anyways that time i ran away without looking back and stopped maybe after 5 minuts run…


We have a cryptid here where I live…i think there is two of them but one is a giant catfish in the deepest lake/river?

I had an experience back in the mid 80’s while hunting in Pennsylvania. I was in my tree stand that butted up to a large swamp area. Most of the game came out of that swamp but for you and I to go through there would have been a miracle. Thick, bushy and full of briars. Anyway, it was early morning and I heard this crashing through the swamp and heard limbs being broken. I was like what the heck is this?

At first I thought it was a Bear messing about but then I saw trees being pulled up. I could only see the tops of the trees rising up and then I saw them being thrown. Yes, thrown. Now these weren’t huge trees but big enough. That really spooked me bad. I knew that Bear’s don’t do this. I tried to see into the swamp to see what was causing it and used my binoculars but it was so thick with cover I reallyd couldn’t see a thing. After about 5 minutes of witnessing this I got out of my stand and left the woods and headed back to the truck. I was uneasy because my buddies were still in the woods. I never went back in that day and when my buddies came out at dusk I just played it off that I had just come out of the woods.

I never told them or anyone else for years until recently. I have to say that Sasquatch never entered my mind at all. I just buried the experience in my mind for years until I read of an account of a guy in the PNW that experienced the same exact thing only he saw it. Then it all came back into my mind. When I read it the chills came back and the hair stood up on the back of my neck like it did all those years ago. We had a private lease so I knew there were no logging operations in our area.

I’m cool with it now and consider myself lucky to have experienced it. I have friends from all over the country that have run into these things either hunting, camping, backpacking, etc. I don’t hunt anymore but I still camp, backpack and fly fish. They are out there and it’s their living room. If you decide to go into the bush make sure you tell them in your mind that I’m here to enjoy the woods and I come with respect and peace. If you try and BS them they will know, for they will know what’s truly in your heart.


Yes please☆☆☆☆☆☆

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There is something that lives in the county I was raised. Members of my family have encountered it bother directly and indirectly.

I grew up way out in the swampy boondocks of rural NC. I was at least 60 miles from the nearest big grocery store, for perspective.

One account is barely an account at all. It was one of my great uncles. He was in the woods and saw something. All he could say was he saw a thing. He was too terrified to speak beyond that. My mother told me he went to bed and refused to ever speak about it again.

Another local claims he saw a monster wading through the water at a wildlife refuge. But couldn’t describe it, only that it was a monster.

My own father while hunting in the deeper parts of the woods had shot a deer and followed it’s blood trail to retrieve it. He had started dragging it back and stopped to take a break . He said it was dead quiet and he was lighting a cigarette and all he managed to see was the end of the hooves as they were dragged into the brush. Then nothing. It’s like it disappeared completely. The only other thing he told me was “If whatever it was wanted that deer that badly it could have it. Better the deer than me.”

I haven’t seen anything like this personally, but as a magician (and JD Temple can attest to this as well) there is something old and primal living in this part of the country. The land itself is harboring an energy of something totally alien to what we typically encounter.


I think there’s something in NC that leaves behind three toed footprints. I think I may have seen an episode about it on Paranormal Witness. It was about a guy who moved out in the woods with his family and his house was haunted but there was a lot more going on in the surrounding area. Idk, if I find the episode on youtube I’ll drop a link.


“Hellhounds” (or rather something people call hellhounds) are known to leave the three-toe prints, but there haven’t been any reports of them in NC that I know of…but they are a matter that I have a completely different relationship to entirely.


I have had a few paranormal sighting to say the least. Some caught on camera. The most recent on I think I posted somewhere On BALG I may have removed it, My brother took the video, We were both recording outside of a second story home with no balcony and no ladders or way to climb to the second window (this all happened 2 months ago)

I dont know why but at the time I had an intuition that something was going on outside so I took my phone and started to record. There were hudereds of whitish lights dancing around shaped like crescent moons. Some were orb-like. The weirdest thing is we could not see any of this with the naked eye. Only through the lenses of our phone cameras. So on the video Im seeing all this crazy shit but outside to the naked eye none of this is visible.

I was talking to these (spirts, alien,s fuck if I know, through the window, while I saw these lights and orbs going erratically across the lawn.

I then went and forced my brother to record with me. I told him we gotta get this on camera.

Im on the left side of the windowsill and hes on the right. Both sides were wiped down so we could clearly record through the window. As I’m recording I am still talking to and about what we are seeing. My brother freaks out and says fuck the left side (after I tell him I am getting a lot of crazy activity in this video from the left side of the window. He runs away scared and says fuck this.

I stop my video and ask him whats going on, He says just watch the video. In his video you can clearly see a living biological entity staring for most of the time at me as my brother is filming, Towards the end this being turns its head at my brother and blinks. Thats when he freaks out and runs away and the video stops. Me and him both noticed that after only 10 minutes the video quality of this being dropped by easily 50% so it was harder to see what exactly was in the video but you could still see it blinking. It didn’t look threatening and almost sad.

It was 2 stories off the ground hovering next to the second story window and watching me. After this experience, I got back into magikal workings and amazing opportunities and things have been manifesting in my life since then.

I don’t know what that being was, but it was greenish, about 4 ft, and had big eyes like the depiction of gray aliens.

Only weeks prior to this, we both experienced a UFO encounter with his GF while fishing. It was a legit sighting with many weird other things that happened as well. We all saw it.

Some people don’t believe in this stuff but, Idk my personal experiences have led me to believe aliens or something is here and watching specific people.

I have more but stories but that’s my most recent one.

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