Can we get a bootcamp for opening a demon sigil?

I would be interested in how to open the demon sigil. Yeah I read the thing EA said on his site but it doesn’t work and I think there is more to it then that.

So how about exercises and stuff to be able to get a new person to that stage

How long do you gaze at a sigil (look at it)?

Varys 5 mins all the way to half an hour

Have you read the tutorials posted here?

Do you fall into trance before starting?


Try looking through it! Find an empty spot preferably in the middle of the sigil and lock your eyes there while you can see the rest of the sigil around it! Try making it like a tunnel vision! Once a line dissappear or blur or you see 3D or gold/black/sparkling dots or even your eyes hurt, its open!

Edit: I think your issue is letting go of what you asked for! Just opening a sigil wouldn’t do much other than connecting to said entity! There is more to getting what you want than that!


“Clairvoyant eyes” is a way to address the manner to look at a sigil in order to open it, or scry in a black mirror etc. One gazes, that is, relaxes eyes and indeed both being already in trance and looking almost “into” may help.
It’s possible to focus on the natural rythm of breath or look first at the wall/ceiling angle, then at an imaginary glass panel between it and you, the appearing of the so called static rain (dots of light) will signal a trance state.

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Have you checked out this tutorial?


Try meditation in the beginning (breath in out longer 4 sec) 5 till 10 minutes, it helps you relax.

I like this instruction below but remember… It can be different when a sigil opens for everyone. The lines mostly disappear. Your sight could get blurry. You maybe see the lines in points. But don’t get frustrated, it will only block you.
You can easily undo this block by thinking I opened the sigil. Because some sigils are very complex and by setting your intend you are going to open it and make a connection.

Don’t let yourself become demotivated because your experience is different.