Can we become mediums when doing evocation?

Hey guys,

I wanted to know if you had the experience of being able to communicate with diseased people when doing evocations.

There is a friend of mine, he wasnt that close meaning I didnt get to know him that well, but I did considered him a friend, he was a very cool dude, who was battling cancer for a long time and just passed away.

Deep down it affected me because it showed me how fragile we are and how easily we can go away…

Anyways, I was feeling emotional about the whole situation and I just had his voice telling me “Hey could you please tell (our mutual friend) that I love him very much and to not worry about me” “I am very happy where I am right now and I am perfectly fine” and he told me “Ohhh and thank you for your birthday wishes”.

The thing is that even though I havent seen this friend in probably like 2 years and didnt get to see him too many times, the way I visualized him and heard him speak was exactly like he would’ve talked to me in real life, so I must have great imagination to make me believe that it was him.

And number two, I would feel very weird telling my friend, “Hey listen, Tobal said that he loves you very much and to not worry about him” You know what I mean, if I am having a hard time believing this, my friend would think I am nuts or just an attention whore or trying to feel special about this whole situation.

So yeah my questions are:

  1. Have you had this experiences? (I wasnt evoking him or anything like that)?

  2. How would you go about telling your friend about this (or do you just keep it to yourself)?

Thanks guys!

In remote viewing and influencing by John Latourette and Dennis Higins it exposes a simmilar case related to one of the authors, and he went on explaining the deceased one’s wife what was transmited to him (was something money related, as she was very worried about paying some debts).

First I’d try to contact the spirit again, and asure myself it’s not a fake/imposter. Then if she’s not into the spirit/magick stuff, I’d introduce her first to things like tarot, pendulums, etc. Then I’d transmit the message.

What I’d worry is her becomming obssesed with the subject of her exboyfriend still “alive” in the spiritual world and waiting for her. So you could try to explain the spirit it’s time for him to advance, and let his ex do the same and overcome past. I’d rather do this last one

When I was about 17 my grandfather passed away and had been suffering from Alzheimers for about 10 years. Many years later I had started my journey into spiritual practices and I was about to finish my post graduate degree. He appeared to me in a dream and apart from the personal and emotional interaction we had, he also relayed many details about the nature of his condition leading up to his death, details which I was otherwise unaware of and was then able to confirm through other family members.

As I become more deeply involved in spiritual practice I started to come across many people who either through their own spiritual practice or natural talent had similar experiences. Some of them even made a living by acting as a conduit for this sort of thing.

Do you pass the message on? I would but then I have a reputation for this sort of thing so the people I know will either take me seriously or are already so convinced of my insanity that another anecdote like this isn’t going to phase them.

My mother passed away this last Halloween. Since then she has shown up (Mostly by my ancestral altar) many times and told me things about my younger sister. Things that my sister has been trying to keep secret, nothing dark or scary my sister is just really bad at asking for help when she needs it. So I tell my sister that I had a dream in which our mother said ________ and that mom asked me to help my sister take care of it. My sister is always shocked that I know what is going on in her life, but she is happy for the help.

You could try that approach, just say you had a dream.