Can thought created shields continuously grow more powerful over time?

I read that we can create these “shields” with our mind to protect us from negative energies. Apparently they have to be reinforced nearly every day or they will lose their power over time. I tried this method out and have to say it did make me feel better afterwards. This caused a question to pop in my mind. What if we constantly gave energy into these shields with a strong intent on making it more and more powerful instead of simply repairing/reinforcing it? If they are able to grow in power then what’s the limit? Would they eventually be able to block physical attacks? I have the same question for thought generated weapons too. If I strengthen and “power up” an imaginary weapon multiple times a day for many years I wonder what it would be capable of.

Have any of you guys attempted (or even thought of) this? If this hasn’t been proven impossible yet I might try it out.

You can program it, or leave it to the servants to manage and upgrade.

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The shield will get better and thicker. There’s a point where it’s over engineered imo, there’s no point making it twice as thick if it already does the job. And some things can get around a shield no matter what you do, mainly trained humans who know it’s there are a deliberate about getting past it. For these cases there are other methods, such as using decoys.

No limit. In theory you could eventually stop sunlight.

In theory yes. The amount of energy to do this is unlikely to be built with the kinds of energy working skills most people have though.

I use multiple shields including wards in layers, some aimed at different things. Also consider doing things like, adding an ‘alarm’, like say having your skin prickle if a human attacks the shield. I also do not rely on only this kind of defense, as it can be an obvious point of attack and a trained human (e.g. a Remote Viewer) can get through anything simply by asking “what’s behind the shield” and teleport through it. Applying more strategies like decoys, invisibility, illusions and mixing it up, being unpredictable, help a lot.


Great advice, thanks! And I assume the decoys and illusions are created by thought as well? For example I just create another shield that protects nothing and tell it to pretend as if it were protecting me.

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I just realized that. It would save time for sure but I doubt the servitors have enough energy to constantly upgrade it.

I also wonder if I can program the shield so that if it breaks or someone teleports through it, they will be cursed with confusion and end up losing me.

Yes, energy flows where to put your attention and what it does when it gets there is defined but your intention. “Energy follows mind”.

I would say, create another shield and fully intend that it protects you. Put a thoughtform that looks like you doing something generic and predictable in an obvious place that’s not shielded as a decoy. Like, have it look like it’s shopping, doing yardwork or having a shower (not in your actual store, your house or your state/country). It’s job is to be easy to find and act like you would if attacked, and it’s disposable so code it to regenerate if it’s “killed” (it’s energy is just dissipated, you can’t kill what’s not alive, so let it come back together).


Sorry for all the questions, I’m new to this and want to discover what I’m truly capable of. Can I program a thoughtform weapon (like a sword) and make it curse/send negative energy to the person I have in mind when I swing it? Maybe even if I don’t know that person. Like for example “curse the person with an intent to harm me”.

I would add a layer of what I call “Return to Sender” in the shield, if the shield is attacked maliciously, have it unaffacted and reflect back the agression to the giver. I think this is also called mirror shields, and you can picture the sgield with a mirrored surface if that helps.

I don’t see why you couldn’t use the sword analogy, sometimes it’s helpful to pull inspiration from what work in the physical, but remember this is not the physical so you’re not limited to only that, make it a lightsaber for example. I usually skip the weapons thing and just picture them burning up from inside.

I posted about what I do here and there’s a link to a movie clip with a visual that can help. Need help - #32 by Mulberry

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Very unlikely. When it comes down to a contest, the physical always wins.

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