Can this symbol be used as a sigil for Lilith?

I was wondering if this symbol has a direct relationship with Lilith or if it’s a more astrology related symbol. Would it work as a sigil? Like any of her other ones?

I’m pretty sure even if it doesn’t have a direct relationship to her, I could still make it work. I’m just wondering it’s relationship to her. If it’s direct or more symbolic… astrological and less to the entity known as Lilith. Basically if I could open it like her well known sigil, and it would connect to her.

Lilith doesn’t have any traditional attributions to the moon in her mythology. This is an astrological symbol for the apogee of the lunar orbit called Black Moon Lilith and represents the negative aspects of ourselves that we keep hidden.


So it doesn’t actually have any ties to her, just has her name attached to it.

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Pretty much, yes.


Okay, thanks!

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@Mind_Seeker20 You could add that symbol along with her sigil for e.g. your doing shadow work and getting in touch with your “dark side”.

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I’m avoiding shadow work.

I have read that she does in Zoharic myth, but nothing before that that I am aware of. She does not feel like a lunar entity to me.

The Book of Lilith (Barbara Black Koltuv)