Can the Sun or Saturn make us Immortal

One is the Preserver of Life the other is Death itself Time the Great Destroyer.

I heard a story of a woman who made pact with Apolo for Immortality he granted her! but she forgot to mention being young so she grew old and coudnt die.

It’s not impossible to transcend time in a spiritual sense, although I cannot be sure if it truly is “immortal”.

Physically, on the other hand? Were such a thing possible, you would not find the answer on this forum. The forum’s power is immense but the elders lie in secrecy and people who haven’t reached anywhere near that level have made up their minds about it.

I don’t know, but I probably will eventually.

Spirits, if you didn’t know, work through you. You need the capability to do something if you want it in your life.

It’s all about the mental.


This is why I’m thankful Lugh thought me to be careful with how I ask for stuff from Spirits.

OP I do believe that Immortality is real however it will take a bloody long time to accomplish and honestly would be boring after a while.

I’d hate to be immortal with how my health continually deteriorates. At times, dearh can’t come soon enough and then i can cease to be.

Immortality could be possible i guess, it just would take a shitload of work. Honestly i wouldnt want to live forever in this world. I have a spirit husband and spirit kids id rather go be with them when nature intends

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Physically immortal not likely, but imo everyone is spiritually nigh-immortal.


Oops @Maxwell didnt mean to set that as a reply to you

I would rather have a 20 years old good health until my last day, to be honest. But a longer lifespan wouldn’t be bad.

Lol I’d hate a longer life, a lot of my family have lived to be 90s and 100s, I refuse lmao.

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Saturn might grant that considering that the banishing ritual of the hexagram slows your aging process. But I guess by granting you that you would have to sacrifice a lot.

Mom’s side of the family dies at 60 or less. Do you want to exchange genes?

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Lol I would but despite that I like my ethnic rainbow of genetics xD

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