Can the demon send you a dream?

can the demon send you a dream ?
I just know that I had a dream and I kept seeing and thinking about the name of the demon in that dream
and when I woke up, I didn’t have any negative feeling, I was just surprised


Yes! Any entity can use dreams as a way to get a message across or reach out to you. You might try contacting this demon, they may want to speak with you. You could also try divination to verify this demon was reaching out.


I didn’t know if the dream gave to me Lucifer
but I thought about whether it was him or someone else
and when I came home from work a while ago, I found this
I had protection, the candle still burns , and I found it L

I find it a little creepy

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Signs can be a little creepy. And honestly, this may be his sign to you that he wants to talk to you, build a relationship, etc.


yes, i asked Mammon if i can show me luxury in a dream if he is willing help me to reach luxury life, i saw luxury cars, luxury villas, luxury watches, and much money

so probably Lucifer came in piece to you sent you a dream.


Yes, they can.
I am a very sceptical person and a very non emotional person but had my times when I wanted someone to fucking die without me breaking the law.
I am very psychic too, my mother is too but she is scared of all magic… so…
I asked universe to tell me what I can do to fuck up a person who was really shitty and I woke up hearing a voice saying a demon name. I did not know the name so I had to google it. And it was the right one for the job.
Our subconscious is interconnected with everything in the world so yes, you can have a dream sent by a demon.

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