Can’t feel anything

Hey, I’ve been practicing magick on And off for a few years now, but lately really got into it and practicing at least once a day, and although I had some good experience, I can’t feel anything most of the time, i mean, when I’m trying to evoke an entity of trying to do a simple spell, I can’t feel any presence or energy like I see people here feel, so I want to stop for a moment and take a look back to see if I’m missing anything, any tips or instructions would be highly appreciated

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Hello there, welcome to the forum.

Are there any specific types of magic you are interested in? What have you tried with some success? If we know more about your experiences and what you are doing, we can better help you grow.

Having said that, this is a topic that comes up quite a bit. Mostly, I believe people who jump right into stuff are missing a solid foundation. I wrote about it recently here:

You are on the right track with consistency. Keep up doing the work and make it a habit, and eventually things will click. Don’t worry about the ‘feelings’ or feeling it, as long as you are getting results. That is what matters. The feelings and presence of energy and spirits comes with time, practice, and dedication.

I suggest you start with simple energy work and meditation, get a strong foundation there, and then move towards things you might be more interested in. Most of the time, new people psych themselves out by looking too hard, so they see and feel nothing. Evoking spirits is HARD. Slow down and take it easy. Its not a race. Its development, step by step, and everyday you can grow, so why not?


Hey, thanks for your answer(:
A bit about the magic I’m practicing on:For a few years I’ve been working with chaos magick, and even though I did have results and had some success, most of the time results were weak or not at all
Lately I find myself extremely interested in the goetia and I’ve already read a few books and bought candles, incense and a journal for notes
Yet I didn’t have any solid experience with any entity


You will find your journal and notes to be invaluable later on. Write as much as you can down, including your own personal theories when you get to really practicing. There is a lot going on with Chaos Magic xD The Goetia is huge. Is there a particular spirit you are drawn towards? There are many ways to work the Goetia, and quite a few inspiring threads of workings with the demons on here (especially the 72 Challenge). You may want to snoop around a bit.

Experiences come with time, be patient and diligent with yourself and in your study, and you will find success. Consistency in practice is key, like developing any other skill.

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@Ryce 's guide is pretty good. If you’re still having trouble, look up guides for clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience. Sometimes just finding a guide that speaks to you can make all the difference., Now, if you do use another guide, still take Ryce’s advice. I started with the clairs and had some natural ability (that I closed off). But learning some Qigong, especially with a rational person/group, can really help. I did that decades later for a little while and it paid off in spades as I reconnected with my occult side.

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