Can’t astral project anymore since some spirits forced me out of my body and “sucked” my energy

As the title says, I can’t astral project anymore since that happened. It’s not like I was the best astral practitioner anyway, but I at least managed to do it twice, considering the short amount of time I was invested in it. So, the first time I astral projected on my own, after waking up, the second time I was kinda forced out of my body, but I couldn’t see any spirit, that could have done it after projecting. The third time I actively tried to project, but couldn’t so I went to sleep. Later I was woken up by some spirits trying to force me out, but I tried to go back in, they tried to force me out again and that went on until they managed to do it. It felt pretty weird and kinda disgusting, idk how to describe it. Once on the astral plane, I felt like I was drugged or something, so they had it easy to throw me to the ground and “suck” out my energy. It didn’t hurt or anything, I think I even laughed. I’ve never been on laughing gas, but I imagine that’s how it feels. I can’t exactly remember how they looked, in my memory they just look black with red eyes and I remember them making weird “moaning” sounds. So my question is, do y’all think the reason I can’t astral project is because of them? If so, what should I do? Also, this happened almost a year ago. So far, I’ve only been in my apartment after projecting and I really, really want to explore more and develop my astral senses.
I would be thankful for any help!


From what I know about the astral plane spirits don’t really tend to force people away and back into their bodies but I do know specific spirits that only do this sorta thing when either you accidentally caught a glimpse of what they were doing at that time. They are more like a gang of spirits whom roam freely as all others but together are strong enough I’d say back off for awhile and if anything try not to force it the may have put a spell on your soul before you left the plane when I astral project I’ll look into it. Till then be well

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