Can summoning demons cure stupidity?

So is a question that I want answered. I mean is it possible to cure such a thing?

Demons can help you learn a great deal according to their offices, but they won’t help the willfully ignorant. There is nothing in it for them.

So if you mean “Can they teach and help enlighten one to certain subjects?” Then yes.

Do you consider death a cure?

I tend to look at stupidity as a self-imposed disability; one is born with a clean slate, and has the choice to fill his mind with the musings of the intelligent philosopher, or with the anodyne drumming of a man bouncing an orange ball down a court.

Unfortunately, the masters know all too well the tendency of human laziness toward the latter.

“Give them bread and circuses." – Julius Caesar

Now, should the person truly want the knowledge, the ‘cure’ so to speak, then he is sure to find his redemption, with or without the demon.

Without the will to be, the result, I imagine, would be like summoning a demon to help you lose 100lbs, while you are still insistent on eating McDonalds & KFC, all the whilst smoking 2 packs a day, never lifting a finger, or leaving your trailer.

The Human Free Will, it’s a hell of a thing.

One begins to notice, after steadfast persistance, that there is always a ‘choice’ in life, no matter how absurd or manipulative the next man is in presenting it.

Maxim of Law: Qui vult decipi, decipiatur.
Set him who wishes to be deceived, be deceived.

Nope. Sorry Levi, you’re out of luck.

I know a thing or two about stupidity, even gods have trouble dealing with it. Best you can hope for is the demons kicks the stupid persons ass and they learn not to do whatever stupid thing they did to trigger the ass kicking again.

Depends on your definition of “stupidity.” Do you define it as willful ignorance, someone ignoring evidence to the contrary of their belief? Or is it merely holding an opinion or belief that is the opposite of yours?

Am i the only one here who sees stupidity as this: Person just being too stupid to “understand” or learn about things. Of course this is not the only kind of stupidity, and i’m not sure is stupidity the right word as i’m a foreigner. i guess what i’m implying here would be “mentally challenged person”

I think closed mindedness and ignorance breeds stupidity. If you want a good example of this go to

There are tons of people who visit this site and join it for the soul purpose of learning magick. IMO, there is a lot of people who have potential but loose interest as soon as they’re trolled or flamed by the moderators who run that site. The reason for this is the fact that the ass kissers and the people who run that site don’t keep up with current material or understand the Left Hand Path because they can’t see past their christian-like morals and Wiccan beliefs. Therefor anything that isn’t of their mindset gets the boot.

It’s in our nature to destroy or hate things that we don’t understand. That’s why we have to try to remain open minded and see things with tolerance and understanding.

IMHO, you first have to define stupidity. Sometimes you can not blame one for ignorance (lack of knowledge), but perhaps blame is to be placed for not rectifying the lack of knowledge…provided they are turntable to learn. Unfortunately, we all know people who are not the brightest.

However, stupidity and the frustration from being around one who demonstrates it, arises from failing to use or apply the knowledge they do have.

What’s hard is that they just might be on a developmental level significantly lower
than you. Throw on top of that closed mindedness, cultural and religious bias and now it’s just a quagmire.

There is some validity to the phrase, “Ignorance is bliss.”

Lucifer, but be prepared for very hard lessons.

Thanks for all your thoughts on the matter. You guys have answered my question more than I expected. Thanks :slight_smile:

Levi, that’s good that you are eventually asking about it. If you seriously want to get wisdom and stop sounding like a stupid troll, I would go for an angelic magic, find one or few of them, and ask them for a life wisdom, for helping to get you right choices, to write and talk in a intelligent way. To put you in the circumstances where you can learn it, but at the level which you can handle.