Can spirits that were musicians here reach out to you?

Let’s say for example a celebrity that died here who was a famous musician wanted to reach out to you? To teach something related to music. Would that be possible or seems far fetched?

It’s possible, usually they move on and reincarnate or go wherever their belief system takes them, but their energy body can still be evoked/invoked. Though reaching out to you while in the realm of probability is a bit unlikely if they didn’t know you in their life as spirits don’t exactly become automatically aware of you. So there may be another reason or two.


I concur with @anon48079295. While it is possible, it is highly improbable if they didn’t have a connection to you in life.

If such a thing has occurred randomly, be wary it is not a thoughtform created by wish fulfilment.

However, it may be possible to consciously evoke their shade, the same as you would any dead person.


oh wow so I could evoke/invoke the energy body of let’s say Freddie Mercury and try to learn something?

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More or less yes.

I agree with both answers above. You may contact the dead ( or for some “imposters” ) but that’s not something easy to do. if you accept my analogy, it’s like to say “I never played an instrument, or I play it only for a month or so, but I want to give a concert next week.”

Having said so, if you develop yourself in magick, you may contact with the dead, that’s possible and yet there are many reliable accounts in that perspective. Some methods need a vessel ( like in the movie; Christopher Lee’s Devil Rides Out,-a movie at the end but just to give an idea-) or you need to have a high level of psychic abilities to tune in to dead. You may develop your senses in that way; not so easy but not impossible.

Anyway; for the moment still you may still get some help from Fredy Mercury, you may create a cabinet of invisible counselors; not as powerful as a real contact though, yet it may help. :slight_smile:

please read the below post, it’s explained by @LadyEva

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