Can spirits fail tasks?

Can spirits fail tasks? I invoked Dantalion to bring me a former date I desire 2 months ago and I invoked Ronove to make a person to see my way in a specific situation. If spirits can fail what can make them fail? Can I do something to make the spirits I work with to complete their task faster?

Yes, spirits can fail at tasks. They’re not infallible, or all-powerful, regardless of what the more religious minded like to claim.

Some situations are immovable. It is easier to manipulate the variables while they are in flux, but once things have gathered enough momentum in one direction, they are often hard to stop, and all the spirit can do is help you deal with the fallout.

A case in point is the story EA Koetting tells of King Paimon in his book Works of Darkness. He had summoned the king to help him keep his job, which was in danger due to some shenanigans, and the great Paimon warned him that it may already be too late to change, but he would do what he could. EA did lose his job, but walked away with a final paycheque that was bigger than it should have been. Technically, Paimon failed at the task given to him, but he did what he could, and softened the blow for EA.

When you send a spirit on a task, there often isn’t much you can do, beyond taking whatever action in the physical world you can. Generally, though, you should get out of the way and let the spirit work.


My love magick ! 100% failure for the past 3 years :joy: they never “fail” to fail me :laughing::rofl:
With some situations though. It looks like a failure but when I look back I realise it wasn’t actually , example : I didn’t want to take the Covid vaccine but had to for my work , so I did a multi layered ritual with 5 spirits to influence the doctor to give me an exemption , i did it last moment and the lust for result was high , so he refused and I gave in and took the vaccine, However now when I think about it my work manager did offer to organise a meeting with higher bosses and discuss my concerns and probably then would have let me work without it but I refused as I didn’t want to discuss my lady problems with work people ! So in a way the spirits didn’t fail !

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What really makes or breaks this is your own belief system. All the spirits and rituals are meant to do is foster a genuine change in your belief system and, once that’s done, the results will follow automatically. I don’t post too much these days because people will do what they will do (as I once did) until they get to what is really going on–and that isn’t exactly spirits, rituals, correspondences etc. the way we think of them. even though they can be relevant and powerful tools.

One of the best things to do to allow the job to get done faster is to shift your focus to something else that is beneficial to you and as emotionally disconnected from your desired outcome as possible.

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