Can someone who knows Odin well please Pm me?

I would feel self-conscious putting this kind of information out, so I want to talk one-on-one with someone I can trust. Can someone send me a PM?

At the very least I would like someone who has a lot of experience with spirits in general.

I’m in a strange part of my enlightenment, at sort of a peak point where everything is confusing and I’m sort of… mental.

I would really appreciate someone helping me out

Please help me.

You can contact Odin yourself, easy and quick. He resonates with Jupiter ♃, kamea of Jupiter and seal of Jupiter. Use his name written in nordic runes

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Thanks. @Maxwell I have PMed you.

Don’t pay the Ferryman until He gets you to the other side!



Seriously, a long time ago I had problems with Odin. Thor was always popular because you knew where you stood. With Odin, just be careful.



The true name is Woden and his name in runes is:



I’ve worked closely with Odin for quite a while , I can’t pm tho , shitty forum rules

Although I do believe Odin is a very self-centered God, the situation I’m put in with him is very odd indeed. He’s not once asked anything of me as some sort of payment. He’s actually been trying to help me.

still. He says I have some sort of family thing with him. Not like I’m literally born of him, but that he sort of has interacted with my lineage for a while and he did with me when I was younger, apparently.

In my dreams. This is the weird part.

He address me as a son. I don’t really even know what to think. I can’t sense a single bit of self-centeredness from his actions here. I’ve looked.

There is no “true” name. He goes by the following depending on the ethnicity:

Germanic (post-Saxon): Woden/Wolf God
Norse: Odin/Allfather
Saxon: Wotan/The Wanderer

Which form did he appear to you in: High, As High or Most High?


I do not know.

If you mean as an ineffable all-father, then no. More like a friend.

“High” is Wotan as the wandering peasant. “As High” is Wotan as Allfather of Asgard. “Most High” is Wotan as a presence manifested in an event. Which did he appear as?