Can someone tell me what this dream means.(Astarte)

I had a dream two nights ago, where there was a woman with almost pale white skin and her veins could be seen and she had no eyes. The woman was just sitting in front of me without moving, I remember that in my dream I called her Norma. I certainly don’t remember knowing anyone with that name.

What is curious is that yesterday for the second time I read something about Astarte, which I decided to investigate a little more about her and I came across this photo. It is exactly like the woman of my dream except for the red eyes and the bull horns.

Does anyone have any idea what this dream can mean? Do I need to contact Astarte? And if so how do I contact her?


Maybe this will help.

Contact Astarte and see if she can help you decode it :blush:


Seems like a calling from Astarte. You should try to establish contact.


This pale woman could be the quality you display to others, the statue may be a coincidence as there are many marble and white female statues that have nothing to do with your vision.

The pale female figure might be how your perceived and contact with the world. Through it you feel the subtle interaction with other people and your environment. So to understand the dream consider what impression you have of the the woman then ask yourself how this connects with your self image.

The woman may also relate to what tactics you use to deal with others; our strength or weaknesses, perhaps vulnerability.


Thank you all and sorry for not replying earlier I just couldn’t! Again thank you!

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