Can someone teach me how to sell my soul?


i wanted to sell my soul if it really exists can someone teach me how to do it

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Teaching your soul, isn’t a thing actually.

Use the forum search in order to find how to make a pact with a spirit or anything like that.


Read this…


Out of curiosity @dominic1007 what do you believe your soul is worth that you think you can and should sell it?

How valuable are you, in terms of knowledge, intellect, ability, skills, language, persuasiveness, charm, wisdom, innovation, resourcefulness, talent, leadership, charisma and many other factors?

Most of us have an unnaturally high sense of our own worth as can be witnessed even here, with many believing that manifesting a coffee a miracle, having déjà vu not a form of temporal epilepsy but a mystical vision, and a long rambling thread post a divine shamanic missive not some delusional drunken typing session.

How much are you really worth?


Please refer to the link Zeela so kindly provided.


Any time thoughts or emotions have been compelled out of you, part of your soul has been sold as it were.

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follow instructions in that pdf :wink:



So many of these lately lol.
Okay, one throw away your Christian concept of selling a soul, it’s BS.
Daemons don’t want your soul, they want to work with you. Someone put it nicely here saying attention and devotion (NOT worship) are like money to a Daemon.
If you cease to give to them, why would they want it? Giving up a “soul” in the Christian sense is basically dieing, how can you pay them then??


Just summon up your demon of choice and when you get them strongly manifested find out what they want for you to swear yourself over to their eternal service. Sign whatever they want and congrats now you are bound to then by oath and repeated contract will further align you by vibration to them and their realm until upon death you have no choice but to get sucked in until released or you even out your energy enough to not be trapped. Over all not recommended. If you are so pathetic you can’t get what you want without this then they likely don’t want you except for target practice.

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I think this is, what, the third “sell my soul” threads in about a month? sigh :roll_eyes:

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You can do what I do, and ask youtube shows with demonic summonings and topics, as well as witchcraft sites, and such to send you Demons, and spirits they don’t want.
Offer to take the Demons they send.
I keep asking…
Then one day I can proclaim, “My name is Legion for We are Many.”
… Before I get to full of it…

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@anon48957109 Don’t forget :sweat_smile:

Devotion and worship are synonyms.

But back to the topic.
Your “soul” in essence is your consciousness so you can’t sell it.

Lol okay okay. That is like saying because you honor someone you worship them since honor is a synonym of worship.

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Haha, well not quite, :sweat_smile:

You can most definitely honor someone and not worship them.

In Fact I’d say it’s the most accurate and appropriate term for how black magicians view their relationship with daemons, unless you happen to be in to demonolatry.:smile:

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Lol that’s my point.
When looking up worship, honor comes up as a synonym. Now we both agree that doesn’t make sense, they are not the same word.

Devotion is similar to worship but not the same word. :wink:


I guess so…:thinking:
But that synonym of worship and honor is the informal way of saying it
“To put on a pedestal” or “go worship it why don’t ya” it’s a little sarcastic.

In the formal sense of the word “worship” and “honor” are seperate.
(especially because we are dealing with spiritual entities and not people)

Honor having more to do with merit and prestige

Worship having more to do with devotion and reverence.


Only the third?


I counted down lol

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Here’s a good question:

How do people who were tricked/forced to deed their soul to Jehovah, who’s the only person I’ve ever known to want souls and he demands them for free at that, go about getting them back O.o