Can someone’s obsession with me hinder my own work?

I’m currently doing love work on a target, but am currently the object of affection for someone I don’t even know and have never met. I’m not interested at all, and it feels like he’s driving an energetic wedge in here somehow.

I don’t have any reason to think he’s doing magic on me, but you never know.

Should I just block this guy? Is there any possibility his fixation with me is messing me up?


You might just be overthinking it , continue working hard .

do not doubt your magical act or your will, that must be stronger than any other attempt

See if you can get a picture of him. Ask for one.

  • print it off
  • get a mirror
  • sticky tape or glue his photo FACING the mirror so the backside of the photo is facing you and their photo is facing the mirror.

With this; create your own incantation.
Mention how he is a creep that needs to get the fuck out of your life and to stop obsession or any energy driven factors.

Wrap red string around the mirror where the photo is. Envision this red string as somewhat strangulation whilst this weird bastard takes a long hard look at himself whilst reflecting on the negatives, it will bring negativity in his life.

When you wrap the red string, put all your thought, power and words into it. Out loud.

Ingredients such as Asafoetida plant as a way to strengthen magickal power and hexing your target and Chicory plant to remove obstacles and grants favours randomly from others. Enjoy yourself while you’re at it. :slight_smile: