Can someone read this candle for me plz

I don’t know how to read candles like that, kinda hard for me.

It’s a money candle spell

I can’t tell how much soot and how far down it goes, but it looks like you had some blocks regarding money that took a lot of energy but were worked through.

How many days has this lit? Did you see any puffs of white or black smoke? Did you dress this candle yourself or did it come pre-dressed?

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I dressed the candle myself, made the sigil and it’s been burning for three days now.

Has it been a pretty steady flame? If the flame hasnt been thrashing around it means the energy is pretty steady with the spell. It being a smaller flame it shows you that its been working through a lot of obstacles

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Sometimes self dressed candles can account for the soot. Those size candles take 3-5 days. If it’s shorter that can indicate that there’s more energy behind it.

As Deathcrush said, the size of the flame and it’s behavior matters as well. This looks like an average flame, so you should expect your spell to have normal results, nothing extravagant or urgent, but still what you requested.

When the flame completely extinguishes, that’s the time to read the candle wax and get a sense for if there’s any remaining blocks or barriers to the working.


I don’t know what thrashing means but it’s been flickering and the flame is high compared to the other candles I have that look like this but the candle wick isn’t good so it naturally has a low flame. But when I did the spell the flame was much higher then expected.

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By thrashing i was meaning flickering, yes. Usually if it flickers a lot the energy is a bit unsteady

So does that mean it’s not going to work?

Has it been flickering every time you have lit it?

If it has flickered every time you’ve lit it, it could mean you need to do some more work clearing obstacles in your path first. If its flickered for a while but the third time is more steady, its nothing to worry about

Before I used it for the spell no it hasn’t just for this spell