Can someone please help my mom is sick I dont know if she has covid 19 or pneumonia

Somone please help me so there anyone that can help my mom she is my world and my best friend she went to the doctor’s and they wouldn’t even talk to her can help can somone point me I the direction of a demon or a angel or just somone who can heal please I need help

try the search button meanwhile. There are people who asked about healing entities before. Hugs to your mom and you.


Thank u you are appreciated

I feel your pain, my mom passed recently from end stage COPD and caring for your mom can be really scary at a primal level, I was her caretaker for years and it was very fucking intense and I will say I had many close calls like this where I was just beside myself with worry, and she pulled through beautifully. I’m going to spend some time in my pathworking tonight envisioning you having the same experience I did, where your mom isn’t doing so hot and then turns around.

In terms of things you can do, clean up her diet straight away, no more bullshit food. No meat, no eggs, no dairy. Dairy in particular is horrid for creating phlegm. These products create inflammation. I make a garlic tea that is a basic caffeinated tea bag, fresh lemon juice and garlic. Chop the garlic up and boil it in the tea. Small dash of honey, and you can do a splash of whiskey if she fancies. The remainder of the day keep her on the decaf peppermint tea, make her get a lot of rest. I also like to make up a nice water with a splash of gnarly ass pure cranberry juice. It’s tart but it’s great for hydration, vitamin C and flushing things out.

Do you guys have Kaiser? They will do phone call appointments now, it’s so dope I never go in anymore. Also check out, they will send a proper doctor to your house, I used them all the time.

In the mean time here is also a chart showing ways to try to drain the blockage in the various parts of the lungs.

A final word of advice was given to me by a paramedic who came to the house when my mom was ill. I was super upset and he grabbed me by the arm, got in my face and said, “her crisis is not your crisis. You need to focus.”


For covid-19 cases, these symptoms may appear: fever, cough and shortness of breath.
In confirmed signal case in your mom, get medical attention emergency and protect yourself.

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Also, you could ask Amaymon for help as he focuses on assisting in times of crisis. It’s very easy to ask him for help. In fact he’s helping me right now. You have to use your imagination a bit but here’s what you do:

Sit in stillness, make sure you have 10 minutes of total quiet. Relax your entire body either sitting or laying down. Relax your face, relax your throat, relax the muscles of your skull. Let all go. Then you start by using your imagination to reach Lucifer and ask him if you can summon Amaymon. You do this by imagining three scenes, and it doesn’t have to be perfect, just do it.

You stand in a rock-strewn desert.
There are mountains on the horizon.
You stand at the base of the mountains.
There, a black tree, its bark scorched. Silver oozes from the tree’s green buds. Liquid metal runs down twigs and branches, hardening around the roots like glittering ice.

When you are admiring the tree, know Lucifer is beside you. Ask him, “May I summon Amaymon?” Remain in the vision for a few more seconds then open your eyes.

Next you summon Amaymon this way:

A huge standing stone in the forest is covered in ivy.
A full moon over a field of gravel and thistles.
At the edge of a stagnant lake there is a rusted sword.

As you are looking at the sword Amaymon is with you. Ask him to help you and your mom emerge from this scary time unharmed, better and stronger.

And as you do this have no fear. I have literally asked Amaymon to help me with my own crisis. He and Lucifer have been very soothing and paternal. Not at all the evil dudes they were made out to be. You may feel their warm presence, I sometimes have a sense as I’m going to sleep that their energy is helping me relax, like a very calming but very powerful grandad saying “it’s going to be alright, we will get through.”

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Symptoms of covid-19 will be a continuous dry cough that isn’t caused by anything else. (I.e dry heat in home, smoking, dry throat). A fever where the skin on her back is hot (if you don’t have a thermometer), and difficulty breathing.

If a runny nose or sneezing is present, usually signals a viral infection such as cold or flu. Unlikely to be covid-19.

I know the fear. I got sick this week and was worried out of my mind I had the virus, as I live with my mother who is 75. No other family is willing to help us or let me stay if I had it. NHS told me it was unlikely I had it and more or less just had a cold.

Stay safe :sparkling_heart:

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I’m so sorry about your mother.
Those following are main Covid-19 symptoms. Is your mother having any of those?

  • Fever(38 degrees Celsius, or above)
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Chest pain

I suggest you wait 3 days.
If this symptoms last less than 3 days, it may be just a cold.
But if they persist after 3 days, you can think it’s serious. I’m not saying it would be 100% Corona, but even if it won’t, it might be other serious respiratory disease such as pneumonia.

I hope your mother get well soon.

Keep an eye for the symptoms. Maybe there’s some sort of special phone line or some hospital with special attention to this virus in your country. Call it and say you have a suspect case.
Try get the test done to confirm.

Some entities to heal: Archangel Raphael, the Celtic gods Diancecth and Airmed, the greek god Apollo. Lucifer has some healing qualities as well, he’s a quite lovely and empathetic entity, good to ask for the help in cases like this.
If you have some entity that you’re familiar with ask their assistance too.
Search in the forum(use the magnifying glass) for rituals to heal, I’m sure there’re plenty. But you have to perform them with faith and trust. Don’t forget this.

But please notice that, magic can only help you at a certain level, it can’t replace medical assistance and orientation. Protect yourself, make sure she stay hydrated and get some rest. Try get the test done if the symptoms really match and persist. Call the authorities if necessary.
Don’t panic. Take deep breaths, meditate, talk to the entities that you trust or with one of those that heal, perform rituals for healing and trust that will work, it’ll help and she’ll be okay. I’ll be praying for her. Stay safe, stay calm, stay inside. Everything is gonna be okay!:pray:


Scary time for everyone. Sending healing to your mom. The two demons known for healing are Buer and Marbas. I have worked with Buer and he is very fast. Marbas is said to be able to heal any disease. Google their sigils. You can also use their Enns to connect with them. Pour your heart out to them. Emotion raises energy and let’s them know you are sincere. Give them an offering of some kind when things get better. Keep The Faith.

I suggest you to do a NAP ritual with angels,write on peace for paper that you need a healing and perform following ritual. Its quite simple ,kindly ask Zoroel and Sabriel for help,you can evoke Gadiel too to protect you and your mom.


Hi. If you are still seeking help, PM me. Either way, I hope your mom recovers soon .

I strongly recommend getting other doctors involved.

Seriously, regardless of if its pneumonia or coronavirus, you don’t want to wait until it blows over. Contact as many health professionals as you can until you can get a hold of someone who is willing to speak to your mom.


If she has upper chest pain like a tightening band and her lips go blue I think they would admit her, also if she has red eyes like allergy as well.

Please get back to us, sorry I didn’t reply before, had crisis things going on.

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