Can someone please ask King Paimon or psychically read my situation regarding our relationship?

Can someone please ask King Paimon or psychically read my situation regarding our relationship? Here are the details: At the beginning of the year, I started seeing repeating numbers everywhere(probably because I was doing weekly offerings of incense to as well as weekly invokations to King Ba’al & King Baelzebuth, plus honoring the holy days of Prince Belphegor, as well as a 30 day Invokation of a different spirit who won’t be named. So, at the time I couldn’t tell exactly which spirit was trying to communicate with me through the numbers) We’re talking 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, and occasionally 777. So at the beginning of each month, the repeating numbers would show up randomly in variation and then by the middle of the month would pinpoint in on a specific number and increase in how frequently that specific number would appear. A month ago, the specific number that the syncronicities climaxed at was 444. Like EVERYWHERE clocks, reciepts, shows, dreams, videogames, etc. Example: One night, I saw 444 in a dream and was awoken by a repetitve high pitched noise. Then at this time because of this other project that I am working on I was researching King Paimon and I even typed in this forum’s search engine “King Paimon Knowledge” to learn more about him and understand his view on certain phenomena. Fast forward to this month; the synchronicities picked 222 and really upped the ante. I was watching this show about witches and got zapped by a high pitched noise and pulled my headphones out in irritation and paused the episode looking at my headphones like “Did you just fucking zap me?!” but it wasn’t the headphones because the high pitched noise reoccurred immediatedly after in my ears while I had the headphones in my hand. So, I look at the screen and I had paused the show exactly at 2:22. I had to get up to clean/move something in the bathroom and when I clean I like to listen to music. I clicked shuffle and the song it went to was 2:22 long. This went on until I texted this aqcuaintance of mine who is way more accomplished/proficient at Magick about what’s been happening and he tells me that 222 in Gematria relates to the mystical Dromedary. . . and guess which Goetic King appears riding a Dromedary. :dromedary_camel: :prince: :crown: So I immediately think that “I should attempt to contact King Paimon and offer incense.” NOW, as I was drawing his sigil, this idea came into my head about asking him to use his mental manipulation abilities to cause this other person who owes me money to pay me back. The situation has actually been bugging me for quite some time, but I can’t tell if my mind just happened to come up with that idea at the time or if that thought was of his influence. Before you ask, yes I meditate on a regular basis and do other things in an attempt to hone my psychic senses, but for the time being I’m not quite there yet. So, can someone please ask him or read my energy for some clarity concerning the situation? I would be super grateful.

Have you tried clearing your mind and asking him questions yourself?

Duke Dantalion and I regularly converse this way. He will speak the words into my mind. It’s similar to my inner dialogue, but much louder/forceful/quicker, I suppose?

Another thing you can do is automatic writing. I struggle a lot with this and most of the messages come out in a form that I can’t read, but I am definitely making a connection of some sort.

He wont answer those questions. But he’s not a very volatile spirit.

If you can’t overcome your fear of him and show him trust, he’s not going to appear to you in a discernable way.

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Relationship and Paimon doesnt go hand to hand to be honest man. :smiley:

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I have more than once when I offered him incense and wine on three different occasions, but as I mentioned in that :point_up_2:paragraph of exposition :point_up:, I am not entirely sure which ideas are his or if the thoughts are just my own inner dialogue. In the future, my senses will be way more attuned to this kind of activity(which is exactly what i’m working toward here) and I won’t have to ask others on a forum for insight, but for the time being, this is where I’m at. If I had that method at my disposal guaranteed to work, I wouldn’t have logged in and typed that entire thing, asking for help.

Could you please elaborate on what you mean by that? I’ve already offered this King wine and incense and opened his sigil in attempt at beginning a relationship with him. Are you telling me that I have done something incorrectly?

King Paimon prefers ones personal development over love affairs, which is a form of attachment.

@Lux_Tenebris Could word it better.

Did he tell you that? Please read the post. If I was afraid of these entities, I wouldn’t be making offerings and doing evocations with them on a weekly basis. I wouldn’t have drawn his sigil or offered him red wine/ incennse if i had any fear concerning the situation, I would’ve just avoided the spirit entirely. Based on what I’ve read and what other magicians have told me, King Paimon is beginner friendly, so I don’t know what you’re implying about this whole ordeal here.

Oh, lol. No, that’s not what I meant by the word ‘relationship’. Not in a romantic sense. People are making this a little weird. I meant like a mutually beneficial in terms of ascent like working together for supernatural evolution, psychic attunement, that kind of thing.

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@anon84423462 I think you are misunderstanding the OP. He is wanting to know if what he has done to contact the king was acceptable. He’s NOT asking the king to help with a love relationship, but wants him to convince someone to pay back money that he is owed.


YES, thank you. This is what I meant and typed out pretty clearly. Plus, I am under the impression that he reached out to me for the purpose of us working together in the future to help me become better in these situations in terms of mindpower and spiritual fortitude.

Please don’t double post. There is no reason to post this whole thing again. I have removed your other thread.

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Sorry, I’m new to the whole forum thing and thought posting it under different hashtags would cause more people to see it. I didn’t know I was breaking a rule. Won’t happen again.

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Ooooooooooh, my bad, OP. :sweat_smile:

I feel stupid lmfao


No worries, it’s not a specific rule, but rather a guideline to help prevent the same post from spamming every section of the forum.

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I’m basing this off of worrying about being punished and from my personal experience, having had troubles getting any form of manifestation. It wasn’t a shot at you, it was just a quick 2 cents and move on with my day thing.

I apologize.