Can someone make you gain weight?

Hello, I am new here . It ‘ s nice to meet you all . I am in a need for answer for this and what to do . Can impostor or another spirit makes you gain weight if you don’t want it ? I am not anorex so I didn’t need it and I am going to Greece so I really don’t need them . I am sure that I didnt get them because I workout and follow my calories and macros every thay? Thanks in advance!

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Spirits can induce changes in the body and psyche, yes.

However, gaining weight as one ages, especially through puberity and while one is young and still growing, is perfectly natural.

Work out. Eat right. Do all the mundane stuff, but don’t beat yourself up over a few pounds.

Then work on your energetic health. Look into Qi Gong. Zhan Zhuang is easy to learn and if you stick with it for at least 40 days you will feel changes happening in your body.

If you are afraid of spirits, learn a banishing ritual. The Qabalistic Cross and LBRP are bread and butter.

Practice that over and over and over until you have it beyond the point of memorized. Until it is ingrained in your brain and comes like second nature.

You may feel silly doing it. Allow yourself to feel that way and accept it. Then work past it. The more you do the ritual, along with Qi Gong, the stronger and stronger your senses will become and eventually you won’t doubt yourself anymore.

Even if you can’t feel them. Your intent is all that needed to move the energy. Trust in the process and trust in yourself.

This is basic stuff, and will be more than enough to keep unwanted spirits and energies away.

Intent is key.

Good luck.


Thanks ! :wink: I workout 4 times a week ( lift heavy ) eat right and I am 16 years old . I began to eat smaller portions and I can’t lose weight and also I drink 3l wather daily . I lost last year 10 kg and gained 4 of muscles after that and I know got to lose it really well . And eating lesser , I gained 0,6 kg . I don’t know what to do . It controled me while I was in a carantine to eat more and I was really stupid. I lost that , but it came back idk how . Like I said , I really know too much about it and I didnt gained it on my own , or at least not all . Also , I performed a banishing ritual 2 times and it didn’t worked . Can I evoke some entity for help and which one ( I am beginner ) . Thanks in advance .

Your bainishing worked. You need to preform it multiple times, many many times, to begin to actually feel anything. Its kind of like working out, but for psychics. Think of it like that. Its not that, I ran a whole 2 miles yesterday, why didn’t lose the 10 pounds? I am working out. Use the mentality you do when you work out, with magic, and you will be fine.

I am not good at suggesting entities to contact, because I mainly focus on myself and building internal power to incite psychical change to reality around me.

Though I can guarantee, that you will get results from Qi Gong, as it will help balance your mind, body, and spirit wholly. The changes are subtle at first. Your entire energy system will get a workout from those stances, not just one part. Even more so once you can do the entire cycle from start to finish, and if you want to add in the 8 Brocade’s that would be fantastic too.

You could try searching with the search bar for spirits. Hopefully someone else more knowledgeable about spirits will chime in xD

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Weight fluctuations (ups and downs) are completely normal, even while exercising regularly and eating well. If you are really concerned, there are nutritionists and other medical professionals that can advise you on these subjects.

The demon Leraje can help you improve your physical stamina and strength, though, if you are interested in using magick to help with your fitness.


Is it just your weight going up or is your size going up too? Weight isn’t the best measure of things. Like others have said, it fluctuates literally daily. Don’t fall into the trap of obsessively weighing yourself… it is a trap.

I used to do fitness comps when I was 16. The smaller I got, the more I actually weighed. If you’re going to focus on anything, focus on your size and your shape. How your clothes are fitting. Not a micro number on a scale.

If your are eating enough and lifting heavy like you say, of course you are going to gain. Even eating at maintenance while lifting heavy can cause you to gain.

Stick with it and stop focusing on the minor fluctuations. Focus on being healthy and strong.


Oke thanks really . I know Al of that and no , my clothes fits very well and I have a smaller waist. I am interested in it who did this, and what can cause something like that because I am not sure but I cannot lift heavy like beffore with not much reps , but high reps and lower weight. Maybe it is because of quarantine or I am tired . I am really happy because of the answers and sorry if I asked stupid questions !