Can someone identify this please?

It is the “Calling Star” from the supposed 1586 John Dee Necronomicon (a simple reverse Google image search would have shown that).

In case you are wondering, the book is entirely fictional, and all the author did was attach John Dee’s name to it because he was a historical occultist of note, and was known to have a vast library of over 3000 rare manuscripts, many of which were lost or stolen after a fire (and because Lovecraft mentioned Dee in his stories, claiming he had done a translation of the tome).

The image is one of Dee’s Enochian circles, only with Lovecraftian sigils and names substituted for the Enochian.

However, like all fiction, it can be used magically. Please use the forum’s search function and type in “1586 Necronomicon” to read a gate walking someone did using the book.


Thank you