Can someone help me please

@Searching thank you for sharing your story. :purple_heart: I hope it works out for you. X

Thank you @jay I’m looking now. X

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@Searching your situation might be a different your roadblock that he is with another women you need to separate them to make it a little bit easier for you then work on his Stubbornness


No problem

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@Jay133 My problem Is that he has his head up his backside and blindsided by something not another woman but think it’s his mother, she was always jealous of us being together, and wanted her son back after she was divorced

@Flirtingflower you can also fix that by doing some work on her to you can influence her like you would do with a boss have her favor you think good of you when you do that she might even bring you up to him which could get things rolling

Okay first things first. The more you need or want something the more your going to continue in that state.

If you look up something called law of detachment or law of least effort as ea calls it. When you are able to let go of the thing you want that is when you get it.

You need to redirect that focus to you and your happiness. As you focus on yourself you become a beacon of light so to speak where people and things come to you.

Let me know if u need more details


Yeah I could do a skull spell on her couldn’t I.

@Flirtingflower Yup or you can ask a deity whichever your most comfortable with

I agree

I’d say yes and no to they have a right to their father. The attitude of blood trumps all is actually highly destructive to children. A child should have loving parents but blood doesn’t matter.
If this person is cheating, leaving, already left or is abusive then it could easily be worse for the kids. Having another man come into their lives who loves them and treats them like his own would be much healthier.

I don’t know the details of course but I just don’t like how so many make blanket statements about “natural” parents.


Hit nail on the head actually.

@Jay133 I have asked some for help but nothing, i even asked for a small sign - nothing . I just bring their names into the ritual.

Thank you, definitely you are right. I did not know who the new woman was, but now I know.
I’ve imediatelly included some breakup spell into my repertoire.

@Searching Pm I might be able to help you with a method

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Did you do an evocation ?

Thank you, every help is welcomed.

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My thoughts exactly. This can be such a difficult thing to get around.

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