Can someone help me out please?

Hey you all. Sorry I know it’s really late where I am atleast. I can’t get any sleep. I feel a lot of energy in my room but I can’t fully see anything, other than fast shadows out the corner of my eyes. By time I turn my head nothing is there. None of it feels negitve. I kind of feel like I’m being protected and safe.
I’m still working hard on all my psychic senses. So I can’t see anything.
So do you think any of you can maybe take a look where I am in my room right now and let me know what’s going on? It would mean a lot to me.

Also when I was trying to close my eyes and sleep I was able to hear voices but it was hard to understand what they all said.


You could be experiencing side effects from trying to open your senses causing you to see what has been protecting you your entire life even before you started practicing magick. It could also be the effects of a protection spell being shown by the opening of your senses.