Can someone give me some advice on astral travel and seeing spirits?

Sorry,trying to follow the topic/conversation but, for clarity and understanding…

You’re suggesting chanting the angelic mantra to help extend our senses?

What exactly is “extending our sense” how is it different from astral and mental projection?

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Im not sure i understand?
How do i know when im doing one v.s. the other?

If you’re focused on opening it then you’re wasting energy, if you’re focused on actually expanding your senses through the various ways be it scanning, meditation, inner awareness, outer awareness and so forth then you’re working on your senses that enable you to perceive the spiritual around you.

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It was months ago i did the opening technics, i havent done anything towards “opening” in a while, since then i’ve just been doing a guided chakra meditation i have from youtube, and listening to binaural beats when meditating/going to my astral temple. Not sure if going to my astral temple would be considered mental or astral projection?

Depends where it’s made it can be one or the other or a bit of both.

I followed this technic, not sure if that gives insight into where it was made or not?

So mental which really just requires you visualizing yourself going there and can still be used to work on your senses. Inner awareness.

No, chanting the mantra stimulates the senses.

When I talk about extending the senses, I’m talking about using your awareness to extend your physical senses past what is considered conceivably possible, For example, you first focus your hearing on the sounds around you, then you move your focus to the sounds in the next room, then you move on to the street outside, then the neighbourhood a block over, etc. When you push past what you can actually physically hear, you move into the energetic realm and the astral.


Oh. Interesting, so my concept of astral projection was incorrect i guess.

Is it like media would lead me to believe? Like being a ghost and travelling around out of body?

Im excellent at visualizing. And when i dream the only type of dream i have is a lucid one. (I always know when im dreaming and am always in control of the dreamto at least a degree) but beyond that i’ve not had experiences with extended senses,or if i have i’ve been unaware of them while they were happening

Astral projection is an out of body experience but you’re not on the physical you’re in another plane entirely. Physical projection however is like such where you’re traveling the physical like a ghost in concept.

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I do that hearing thing sometimes… sort of… i like to sit quietly in my house late at night when everybody is asleep and try to focus on various sounds. My fridge, people breathing in the next room, traffic passing outside. Never though of trying to extend past it beyond what i can already precieve on the edge of my hearing

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So i read in the thread earlier how to do astral projection (the rope technic?) But how would one do physical projection? And how would i know im projecting instead of just visualizing?

Or how would i know im doing, well, anything… instead of just visualizing? Like scanning?

All techniques achieve the same goal, it’s just your intent on which plane you go to that changes.

So how do i know when i’ve gone beyond visualizing and achieve success? Is there a way to tell?

Visualization is just that visualization, when you’re unable to make up what you visualize is when it’s no longer within your imagination.

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I’m on day 28 of RB’s course. I haven’t left my body yet while awake, but I have done a lot of shit in my dreams.

For real though, I’d like to be able to travel- that’s why I’m doing it - but even if I don’t, the energy work (the bouncing, the chakra stimulation) the breath work, the trance work- it’s all been amazing. I’ve also been working Konstantinov’s techniques before bed at night. Using a bell and the curtain technique to help with my senses.

Like I said, my dreams have been off the hook and the two rituals I’ve worked- both w/ King Vine, have been clear, loud and vivid.

It took me a while to figure out that even though I bought the book and CD’s, I still needed to go to his website to download the free brainwave mp4s. Highly recommended if you’re a worker and you can deal with waiting a minute or two for results…

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I think it’s Winterfeld in Angels of Wrath (I’m probably mis quoting this but I’m tired and don’t feel like looking) has the “Stillness” meditation- that sounds similar to what you’re saying but you using sounds- am I right?

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I dont understand what you mean?

…RB’s course.

Which course is this? Im interested

Once your imagination doesn’t control what you see