Can someone explain this phenomenon

So whenever I do a evocation or write a petition to regain the favour of an ex or receive a specific call, I always feel miserable and depressed leading up to its manifestation!

Like I’ll start feeling more down, I’ll struggle to sleep and I’ll have bad dreams as well as a slight worsening of my health before it manifests?!

Can someone explain this as I know it’s not a mental thing.

Is it because the spirits are drawing from my own energy to manifest what it is I want or is it a karmic thing?


It’s normal. When you cast a spell on someone else, you establish a connection. Your energy touches them, and their energy touches you.

If you always feel drained and awful afterwards, then either your or their energy is what’s making you feel terrible. The energy exchange is just not positive for you. On top of that, if they’re resistant to you (feeling upset with you, holding grudges, etc) then of course that will only make things worse.

Do they mention feeling terrible as well?

You mention always bringing your ex’s back through magick, how do you keep up?


She does have slight resistance this makes sense to me. She said we were never getting back so perhaps the magic is fighting her will and it’s taking a toll on my energy levels.

Funilly enough she has been down recently.

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So how would you describe the results of your workings on your ex’s?

Did you get communication, sex, reconciliation, something?


I do. My spells do manifest some within days others within a month but I eventually get them. At times I least expect them.

But like I said I always feel negative and down leading up to its manifestation.

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This was talked about on a Neville Goddard forum not too long ago.

The consensus seemed to be that when reality is actually shifting, great emotions could be brought up… or perhaps even a type of remorse for leaving your old reality. Mourning, almost.

I mean, hey — at least something is changing, right?

Mostly it was seen as a good sign. Something that many experienced before seeing things change in the physical. You, too, are saying you get great results.

It’s like a magickal “prodrome”.

That said, I prefer feeling almost anything else before manifestation, personally!

I’m actually super happy you brought this up, as I’d had this before, too. I hope many contribute their perspectives on this.


This is an awesome contribution and I’m so thankful someone else mentioned it! it’s crazy today my targets profile picture has re appeared on WhatsApp!! haven’t heard from her yet tho but I’m sure time will reveal all.

Also I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced this with Amon but every time I work with him I have these terrifying nightmares that I randomly get, surely it’s not just me.

Anyways thanks so much!!

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I’m not so sure but I do have some guesses.
If the both of you have bad communication or arguments it could factor in. If you want your ex to communicate, the idea is planted in their head (and also yours since you petitioned it) but if your communication is usually not well… of course you will feel bad.
Sometimes before I have a bad experience/conversation with someone, I will go the whole day feeling bad and wonder why. And then it happens and justifies how I was feeling.
Also it is an ex. Exes are exes for a reason. Or maybe you are use to feeling bad around them or trauma? (I don’t know your situation. Just guessing)
I’m curious who you did petition though because some entities like to teach lessons unless you establish with them “Hey, I dont want a lesson on this. Just show me how to do it”
Or you are just feeling your ex’s energy. Maybe they are sad, drained, or a bad spot in life.
These are just all my guesses. Reach out to the entity your petitioned and get some insight.

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This happens to me, too. With any working,
not just love/reconciliation spells. Anxiety and fear and sometimes a feeling of desperation? Along with just absolutely horrible anxiety dreams - I don’t remember them every night, but I wake up just feeling stressed as hell.

The one I woke up from today was about me not being able to protect children from… something? Unsure.

Also, do you ever get pressure (not pain, pressure) in your head during/after workings?

Edit: I also get the head pressure when I look through my older journal entries, about workings that have manifested. Like earlier I was reading my previous desires and how I wanted them to come to pass, right? The exact details of HOW the desired result were slightly off, but the end goal DID come true.

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I had all this happen too.

Then nothing manifests and it was all for nothing lol waste of energy.


shrug it usually works out for me, but the pressure and anxiety sure is annoying.

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I petitioned Amon for this matter but I normally work with dantalion. He was the first ever spirit that called out to me and I don’t feel like he’s ever caused me problems. Only dreams I’ve had from him are positive ones like seeing his sigil and having this intuitive voice tell me that I should put my trust in him and work more closely with him.

My gut points to amon as this isn’t the first time he’s given me nightmares. The first time I called him was kinda scary my dog started growling at the living room door at 5am like someone was there… this was post evocation candles still lit and everything.

Every time I summon him I have this wave of anxiety and dreams where I’m being chased by a demonic entity around my home!

Last time I killed whatever it was in a dream but this time it’s back, and all cause I summoned him again lol.

I don’t think it’s Amon per se because if it was I’m sure I wouldn’t have killed him in the dream lol, probably sent one of his servants to do his dirty work.

Usually I feel tired and sometimes euphoric after an evocation specially with dantalion damn his energy is soothing af but to be honest with you I have recently started getting headaches… I noticed them more after working with amon.

Eh maybe he just don’t like me lol.

Some demons make it clear when they dislike you sheesh. One time I called sargatanas to make my ex obsessed with me and I woke up to a broken candle holder and burnt petition underneath almost setting fire to the altar.

And for a week I had bad luck in the house… lights stopped working, kettle switch broke, shower broke… so much went wrong.

Let your ex go. You’ll find a better one.

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