Can someone experienced help? Pact/incubus

Hi, I’ve tried to introduce myself on your new members page but cannot find how to write a post.
I’ve been following the left hand path for around 2 years. I made a pact 2 years ago asking for help with financial matters, and can definitely say I’ve been given what I asked for…
I’m now looking to give back to the entity I made a pact with, how can I go about this etc… strange things have been happening of late that I cannot explain. I speak with a young girl in my dreams about the matters and pact. Not sure who she is?
And the latest was last night, I went to bed fully clothed, and awoke undressed completely and knew I’d had some sort of sexual activity. I’m a very light sleeper and lucid dreamer, yet have no recollection of what had gone on- I did not undress myself. I live alone etc so have no explanation of this other than the possibility of an entity visiting… would they do this? Can I make more reliable contact to confer with this entity. I have limited experience in contacting/conversing and would be ever greatfull for any advice from yourself. Thanks, M.


Check your PMs (green icon, top right) - I’ll send you info on how to do an intro and some other cool stuff, meanwhile read this:

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