Can someone convince me that Enochian magick is legit?

Success magick by Damon Brand is fairly new, it’s no surprise that there are not many success stories since the whole thing takes like a year I believe?


You started from the beginning?

Really… a question is meant to be answered regardless of what the quality is. You mentioning that I keep posting low quality posts means that it matters to you of how high the quality is? Like it’s a popularity contest? Are you kidding me? Really, man?


Lol you are echo chambering these popularity contest things and we wouldnt pull these to popular people or something like that.

I mean I already gave my answer, if its a popularity contest, why would I bother answering,isnt that bumping your thread, and getting you further on the race? Your logic is brilliant.

In all honesty, by this point you are just asking questions, because no reason.You should have already known by this point this shit takes time, because I remember you also asked if working with angels take time.

But guess what? You just keep asking.Keep asking dude.You wont go far with this additude.


I’ve only Hurd strong things about those angels I’d be carful while contacting them just looking for proof of there existence. I read that while translating old scprits the translator accidentally summoned one of the Angels and when they found out it was on accident broke his arm. So just saying carful when looking for proof.


The Enochian angels are distinct intelligences from the angels of the Shemhamphorash .

I cant convince u its legit…results will…I sense that your fear is that you may not be actually dealing with angels at all…Thats fine, but this also presents an opportunity for u to catalog your findings, and ask them personally.


Whenever someone asks other people to prove to them that magick works, it always amuses me.

If you cannot accept magick, that is your problem, not anyone else’s.

If you always throw away any new magick that doesn’t WOW and AMAZE you with immediate visions and super energies and billions of dollars first time, you’re going to throw away a lot of magick and are going to have trouble getting any of it to work. Magick is a process. It takes time and energy from you to make it work. Sometimes you can just chant and wait a bit for an opportunity to come your way (but even then you need to make yourself open and able to receive), but with Enochian magick especially, you need to put in your half of the work. The grimoire tells you exactly how to do this.

I’m not trying to pick on you in particular, but this sort of attitude is not uncommon, and it prevents people from discovering all the wonderful things that magick can do for you.

If you are curious, I have performed the first ritual from this book, and I share some of my experience here.


Best way to know is to give it a whirl and see if anything manifests out of it. I usually give a working about two weeks (depending on what I am trying to achieve) to see if it works for me or not. It is hard to say if one system is legit or not as different systems work for different people.

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Im being neutral.

Use Brands book from the beginning and see for yourself instead of read different boards in the internet…?


I feel people ask many questions on this forum without trying and finding out


@NailOH The book have been researched and tested by the GOM folks. If one has used their books in the past. Isn’t it proof that it works? It’s not just one author. It’s group of magicians that are collaborating with each book. Just follow the instructions in the book. It’s plain and simple. I don’t know why people keep asking for instructions and proof when it’s in the book explained. I think the book would have more information than those in the forum since it’s new. People tend to ask about book info/instructions before even reading it thoroughly or testing the book out. I’ve used many gom books and they explain needed info really well.All that is often needed to do the spell is easily explained in the book. NO other info needed. Yet people are questioning the book when it’s researched and tested by their group. They don’t realized that it’s not one author. Their gom books have input from many people.


Yup , that’s how it is , people want to be babied , and the thing is different things work for different people , so asking isn’t always fruitful , practical experience is .


Magick is so subjective and too many variable due to person’s mindset.

It really comes down to fear and doubt and laziness. They want a guarantee 100% that it works ‘from someone’. NO such thing.

They don’t realize that others may not tell the truth on the internet yet they easily believe others. One should test the magick not take other’s word for it. As with any field. Other’s word is not a guarantee. that’s what real active serious people do. They test it out themselves to see if it’s true. NOthing worth learning is easy. If it’s easy, it’s not worth learning. The best top people always test things out. they don’t take word of others.

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True , I see people on here wanting to someone these demons and skipping common precautions like the LBRP , meditation etc , when contacting demons , if the working goes wrong one can go mad , be possessed , amongst other dire consequences , simple things like meditation and the LBRP can bring you an unexplainable self peace , but people don’t get that , they just want to jump straight into some advanced workings , simple things like learning planetary correspondences are highly effective .

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The gom books are really well done with protection and safety in mind. They can’t read carefully. there’s many info in the books that they miss. I keep seeing questions when the answer is in the book they have. It even says it may take some time yet they want validation that is instant after casting magick. If they follow the instructions then nothing will go wrong yet many just mix and match from what others tell them on forum pieces here and there. That’s looking for trouble with spirit world. They can’t even get a book on it. I see too often. They just want the summon part with no background info. They could of save themselves trouble by getting a good book to explain many needed basics.

There’s a reason a book is contained info on a topic. where forum is all over the place.

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Not necessarily. Af is the angel of anger and one of the angels of death, Suphlatus is the angel of dust. Remph(a) is the angel of time and a ruler of the Thrones. Duma(h) is the angelic ruler of hell, angel of silence and death. Eistibus is the angel of divination. Hasmed is one of the angels of destruction and is one of the angels of annihilation. None of these are from the Enochian System (all of them are Jewish) but they are still angels and are very powerful.

I have not worked with Enochian magic or the Enochian angels, but I am curious about them.

Do you have a source handy for the angel suffix endings? I am working with Enochian, and the angels are bizarre. The “enochian angels make you go crazy” seems suspiciously similar to the “goetic entities are Satan” notions. My brain renders these angels with computer type imagery (0s and 1s, the word ‘code’, ect). My UGP is that Enochian Angels are closer to “meta angels”. As such, some Yahweh-esque angels can “exist” within the Enochian Angels. If Yahweh-type angels are 3 dimensional, Enochian are more 9 dimensional.


Wanna borrow my book?

Ok as my experience .as multibilingual guy who i read magik books in4 languajes. And knw peopls in europe, not one of them care abouth enochian. I ask a lot of friends even .the answer not. Not and not we have magik for tat. No necessary. We have been tradicion coven and we are fine. Angel magik yes sure .not enochia .