Can someone convince me that Enochian magick is legit?

From which book?

Success magick by Damon Brand

I mean I cant say anything about it since I didnt read it.

My first sigil I ever made was, I printed tree of life, then I painted chakras which associated with sephiroths,then I wrote first enochian key to tunnels (those little thing ehich connect sephiroths).Results were devastating, my hand and arm would hurt.I think it was because of nadis opening, it burned my physical eyes and third eye chakra a lot too.

Well thats just my experience so it shouldnt be a proof to you tho.


What was the Enochian key? It convinced me a bit though

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Its written in Enochian, just google 19 enochian keys and it should pop up.Beautiful alphabet.


Enochian magick is way too complex a system to just whittle it down to whether the angels are legit or not just because they have weird names.

Not every angel has an name that ends in EL, or IAH, or ON (which actually have significance in Kabbalah, especially in Hebrew, by the way).

Brand says right in the book that you might not notice anything immediately, and that the effect of Ritual 1 might not even show up until months later. He says to just do the ritual for seven days, and to remain open to cues through introspection, and daydreaming. The ritual’s purpose is to give you direction to a dream, a vision of the kind of success right for you, and its effect can be extremely subtle and easy to overlook.

Stop expecting flashes of lightning and sensations of presence, and just do the ritual as instructed with a sense of wonder and allow it to move in your life as it will.


Have you gotten results or do you know people who’s gotten results from enochian magick?

I thought Damon Brand himself said he’s gotten results with it right?

Yes. Many, many, people have gotten results from Enochian magick. It is considered to be very powerful.


You speak a lot of good on Damon brands work , have you seen lots of success from them

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Yes I have


If you continue the workings you may find the language itself to become less of a language and more of something else.

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Magick is the same. If magick works , then any other magick works too. You just want validation after few attempts? That’s asking for too much. You’ve done other magick so you know it works. It’s just a different system and may take time to work as it’s different process. why question so much about magick? Just do the instructions and let go. When you ask for proof, then your lusting and not trusting magick.

This is the same questions in line with the other thread. Is magick real? prove it to me. Silly. In my opinion. It’s no one’s job to prove it to you. Prove it to yourself by practicing.

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What in the fuck do you mean? Show me the proof where I asked for too much. If I was a regular and experienced you’d be responding differently, you’re just annoyed don’t reply then.

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Chill out , wisepup always offers a perspective to question things that can lead to answers


Certain questions answers themselves when you practice. Its like students who complain that they can’t draw. why else they in the drawing class? to learn by practice and doing. You don’t ask questions about needing proof of drawing well. You just draw.

It’s like thomas edison saying prove to me that lightbulb works before attempting efforts to invent it.
Or the guy that build a plane saying prove to me we can fly before building a plane.
If everyone wants proof before doing something. Nothing gets invented or breakthroughs.


Regulars dont ask this much you realize that right?

You keep coming with low quality posts every single time,why are getting so defensive when called out on it?


questions are ok. Just ones that make one’s magick better and to learn. Some questions are just not focus on doing. It’s more of coming from fear and doubt due to lack of practice. The questions asked lets you know if a person is a doer or a procrastinator. Procrastinator often keep asking questions of proof instead of doing.
Its like running a business. So many people want everything in place and to know the exact steps detail of everything planned out and proof that it works from someone that run a successful business that they never get started. Many things in life is ongoing and you learn through process. It’s one’s programming. Some people want everything set in stone the path before doing. Basically they want a sure thing before doing.


Success magick by Damon Brand is fairly new, it’s no surprise that there are not many success stories since the whole thing takes like a year I believe?


You started from the beginning?

Really… a question is meant to be answered regardless of what the quality is. You mentioning that I keep posting low quality posts means that it matters to you of how high the quality is? Like it’s a popularity contest? Are you kidding me? Really, man?