Can someome please give me a free reading?

I was wondering if someone can give me a free reading. I have one question only. Please PM me. Thank you

I can give you a tarot reading in 7 hours when i het out of work if you like???

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Thank you. I have send you a PM

can you please do one for me too? i feel kinda embarrassed having to ask like this. im sorry. i just want to know how my petition is working or the outcome and if theres anything love related coming soon

that would be great. can i pm you?

Yes you can .

@Darkmoon You cannot offer readings, even in PM. We have a rule here prohibiting newcomers from doing so until they have been active for 90 days, and you have only been here since January 3 which is barely two months.

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Oh okay .

aww thats too bad :disappointed:

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