Can some one read this?

I wanted to do a natal chart because I was curious and I have no clue how to read this. Can someone help me out and tell me what’s up?


You mean the site where you made this didn’t give a standard explanation of it? That’s weird

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I’m still reading… It’s alot
And I wanted it simplified

yea they are hard to read at first. i use this website, it’s easier:

and this:

im into astrology myself and have been my whole life. These are two of the most accurate sites I’ve ever used. Also there is a book I strongly recommend:

Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller


i have a personal question i would like to pm you. is that okay ?

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sure, no problem. i will do my best to answer

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Very informative. Great links.

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thanks.pming u

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While there were already great links provided, here are some other simple sites I’ve used for looking at my natal chart when I was still a newbie to astrology, as looking at the chart without the written descriptions/interps can be confusing:

That’s astrology in a nutshell for you lol. Been into astrology since 2009 and 11 years later, I still keep on making new discoveries about my natal chart, as well as learning about other forms of astrological charts (progression, synastry, composite, draconian, etc) and astro aspects/hypothetical objects. Personally, I think the never-ending learning is the beauty of astrology and why I remain an eternal student of it.


Like you, I’m a Capricorn ascendant too! :sunglasses:

And that is what all of ‘this stuff’ (esoterica) is about right? Normally one would want as much details and knowledge as possible. Gaining knowledge and the wisdom to apply it.