Can sigils be charged with hate or any negative energy?

Before asking this question i did a search to try and find out if it was possible to charge sigils with negative energy, but everyone only seems to speak of the typical methods such as through meditation sex magick etc. I would like to know if its possible to charge a sigil with an intense feeling of hate, and if so would ot affect the spell negatively?

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I am also curious about this as well

Im not alone then… someone here has the answer to that though, of that im sure.

Energy is energy. It depends on intent. Are you trying to curse somebody? Or, are you trying to convert your negative energy into positive energy through the help of the entity that you’re trying to invoke?

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My intent is to make a couple break up for reasons ill keep to myself. I guess thats considered a curse so yes im cursing the relationship into becoming problematic and toxic.

Why use sigils as a part of a curse?

What I’ve learned from making my own sigil is that it stores a lot of energy and these kind of energies seems to be incapsulated within ourselves, and the sigil act as a connection to ourselves and the symbols of the sigil.

Using a curse within a sigil, even if you find appropriate symbols, will affect you in one way or the other. And if you can’t find a way to release the anger and hate, it will stay within yourself.

Since sigils is used for personal changes that benefits us, we keep the sigil close to our bodies or in certain areas. But these kind of sigils needs to be close to your target, rather than something to keep for yourself. If you find a way to do that, you wont have to deal with the residue of the negative energies.


Try it and see, lol. Honestly, I can’t see a reason why negative energy couldn’t charge something

I’ve charged stones with hatred and wrath. No reason you can’t do the same to anything else.

However, when you create a sigil, you’re essentially creating a talismanic object. You don’t want to keep that yourself or you’re just keeping that energy with you.

If you wanted to use it as part of a curse, I would suggest you open the sigil, burn it, imagine the energy raising up out of the smoke and seeking it’s target, then putting the ashes from the burned sigil somewhere the target of the curse will walk.


I didnt keep the sigil, i burnt it after i charged it and once its fulfilled ill be ready to let go of the hate completely.

Do you think i should have kept it and placed it in the target’s room rather than having burned it?

Using it for personal changes is the most common use i believe, but theyre not limited to that only as far as i know. Ive heard in one of E. A. Koettings videos where hes talking to Jason Miller and Jason mentions that someone had cursed him, he later found the sigil for the curse in his car. He returned the curse 10x to who he thought was the curser but was mistaken and the person suffered serious health problems. Jason later found out he targeted an innocent individual and the culprit was someone who was just trying to prove himself and probably didnt even know what he was doing. As for me, im not trying to prove myself, i know what my will is for that relationship and i know my intent.

Already did, just waiting to hear the news now.

I didnt keep it, i burnt it as i explained just a bit ago in a response to succupedia. But now im thinking perhaps i could have kept it and placed it in the persons room? Could that have somehow acted faster than burning it due to the energy constantly being in the room with that person.

I would never put a sigil in a place where someone could find it. I would never want them finding anything that could make them start asking questions like that.

You can anchor the energy of a sigil to any physical object. So if I had access to their home, I would take an object they already had and would keep around them, then put the energy into that object and return it.

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Are you talking about spirit sigils here, meaning the seal of that specific spirit, or seigils made via Spare’s methods, or similarly created or scried using symbols?

You can definitely use both to break up a relationship (I don’t think I had much call to do that myself, but I have done other baneful working) but the method used varies.

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I would hide it pretty well if anything. What i would do is hide it behind a light switch plate. They will always have to turn the light on or off and so not only would it be in the room but they would always come to near contact with it without knowing.

This is interesting… I hadnt thought of that, then again i didnt know you could anchor the energy of a sigil to a physical object. I just know of the more common sigil magick. Is there a thread on this?

Not spirit sigils no, Austin Spare’s method is what i used and i was concerned if its proper to charge it with hate and negativity because i projected alot of hate into it… and i mean alot.


That should be fine then, you don’t have the spirit’s energy working on their own agenda/current (for those who view spirits as more like software) - it should work, and yes you can definitely use them that way, for baneful magick (violating another’s free will, often to their detriment).

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Ok thank you for your response it clarifies a lot.

Careful with that. If you use paper and put it behind a light switch, you could start a fire. If you’re going to do that, I would take the light switch cover, draw the sigil in a clear natural oil like mineral oil, charge it, let the oil dry, and put it back into place. They’d never find it that way.

Not that I’m aware.

An easy way to do it is to burn the sigil then hold the physical object in the smoke of the sigil, using your Will and Intent to direct the energy into the physical object through your imagination/visualization and with your gaze. I’ll often let the physical object sit in the ash overnight as well, if it can handle the heat.

You can also paint the sigil directly onto the object, or even use your imagination/visualization to astrally project the sigil into the anchor object.

If you can find a way to do it symbollically, your subconscious will make it happen.

By the way, these are the kind of techniques you’ll often find used by people who practice energy work. That’s the path I took to find my way to magick.


Wow im mind blown by this information. Ill definitely be looking more into energy work and aquire some knowledge there to implement into other magickal techniques. Thank you for all this knowledge.


If you want a really good book on energy work, I’d recommend Robert Bruce’s book “Energy Work”. I know, who would have thunk it? lol

Seriously, it’s teaches the basics of energy work in a very solid way that anyone can learn. I’ve worked through it myself, so I can completely recommend it.