Can Sexmagick help?

Is it possible for sex magik to help someone who just can’t have an orgasm? I’ve seen a lot of women coming out and saying no matter what they do they just can’t get there or if they do it’s very underwhelming. To have all the build up and no… release just seems like hell. So can sex magik help?

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Yes, sex magick can help in cases like that, but truthfully sex doesn’t even have to be involved.

Stroking, swirling, and pulling on the chi of someone can help to remove any obstructions, as well as increase flow to the erogenous areas

All sex magick is, at its heart, is using the energy of sexual arousal for magick so learning to sense, feel and manipulate the chi of the body is a prerequisite. Once you can do that, you can stimulate the flow of someone else.

In one of his books, hobbyist ninja Glenn Morris tells a story of one of his students who made a woman orgasm simply by running his hand above her body and stroking her energy. She was fully clothed at the time.

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From a females perspective, I can tell you this. Women are generally not honest when it comes to sex. For instance most women aren’t willing to tell a guy he sucks in bed. It doesn’t help that women also fake orgasms. This just makes things worst by letting the guy think he is pleasuring her when he’s not. I would encourage her to masterbate to find out what she like and have her try to explicitly express this to someone. There might be a lot of “I don’t like that”, In the beginning but eventually they should figure something out.

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Honestly from what you read it sounds like they try everything but it’s just not possible. If you go on Reddit to the r/sex you just find people asking if something is wrong with them. I feel sorry for these girls. At least from these particular stories it’s just like they get nothing out of sex or masturbation no matter what they do. Statistically I think it’s like 10-15% of women say they’ve never had an orgasm despite trying just about everything you can think of. That literally blows my mind.

I remember something similar about a Tadashi Yoyogi (I had to look up the name). He did like an interview for HBO’s Real Sex back when that was a thing. I don’t know that it was exactly the same thing but I think the basic idea is the same. Which is interesting since I started out studying qi gong. Still not sure if the average person would dig this deep into energy work.

And now if I recall correctly that same Real Sex episode had a Cherokee Workshop segment that said the same thing. How did I not remember all that?