Can Passive agreements work?

Didn’t know how else to put it, but;

I see a lot of people posting about how they invoke/evoke spirits and ask them to make a deal or to work with them in a very formal manner with both parties actively discussing it. But is it possible (granted once you have established a connection with said spirit) to passively do this?

I feel like I have some kind of bond with King Paimon though i can’t say I have always been on top with communicating with him actively. Yet I get this gut feeling that a) he gets it and he’s absolutely fine with me not doing it all the time because I do admire and look up to him and think of him very fondly, and b) that I have a gut feeling (again, no real words just a very affirmative gut feeling) that we have a thing going where he can and will help me with my goals and he is doing so. I have just made a really cool 80’s retro themed painting for him to honour him now, and I plan on making more stuff in his name and honour. Somehow I feel that despite never formally discussing it, (and even having gone out of this whole goetia thing for a year before naturally sliding back in) we are now actually working together?

TLDR; I’m very informal and rely on passive work but I feel that King Paimon doesn’t actually mind in the slightest and we are working together.

Am I actually missing something here or is that warm fuzzy happy/affirmative feeling that I’m doing the right thing actually correct? I know that listening to your gut is always the best way to go but I’m curious to hear your thoughts as well because I don’t want to disrespect the spirit in anyway.