Can one really evoke Ahriman, the god of Supreme Darkness?

Hey Eric Koetting,

Thank you for your excellent educational youtube videos- very informative and interesting. The Coven of the Black Flame-the clan to which I belong- especially liked the videos about Zohak (Azi Dahaka) and the demon kings.

In your live evocation of Azi Dahaka, you were asking this entity about summoning Ahriman. Can I just say that evoking Ahriman or commanding this power/force is not possible. Ahriman is the supreme eternal Darkness of the void, ‘he’ is the Nameless One. He can never be summoned. He is like the Eternal ocean of chaotic darkness from which all shadow and Light emerge. The most powerful demonic kings are but finite raindrops in comparison to this power. This is why Azi Dahaka laughed. He knows this. Ahriman is inherently present in all things. Where a certain aspect of his god-force may indeed manifest, its unlikely that this Eternal dark power would be evoked as a finite being on earth.

Ahriman manifests to dark magicians as the initiator of dark magic. He (or rather ‘it’, is the god of the demons and dark powers. He is the black flame within all and manifests to all in varying ways.

My coven predominantly works with this force… We align to his Supreme Dark Majesty and we conjoin with his Immortal darkness in honour of, and to become one with, Him, hence gaining with much pain and effort, and much practical training, connection with his ‘emanation’, and the power to coerce the forces of darkness, His creations.

Certainly we can INVOKE Him (Or at least an aspect of him, sometimes with great peril, which is what we do), but never actually evoke Him in his totality. How can one evoke eternal utter darkness? It would be like trying to evoke all the angels that ever existed into the triangle of art.

He is the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega, the Chaos before the corruption of the light. My family have aligned with him for hundreds of years…and invoked his energies, but the thought of evoking him and commanding him is not realistic. Even Azi Dahaka only aligned to him…he never evoked him.

May the supreme dark majesty guide you on your path to dominion, dear friend. And in His Holy Dark Name, once the accursed brethren of the ‘light’ the christains, jews and muslims are cleansed from this earth, may the Old Ways rule once again :wink:

keep up the good work.

From your allies and friends,



Interesting. And you said his name is Ahriman? He most certainly is before all creation, you are right there.

Connor kendall evoked him. I guess you could ask him. Also ask lady eva



Wow, this OP never posted after this, but his claims that one cannot evoke Ahriman are simply the conceited lies religious people like to tell themselves about whatever they consider the “Superior Being.” Christians and Jews say that you cannot evoke Yahweh, and this guy says that you cannot evoke the “Supreme Dark Majesty” of Ahriman.

However, they are both wrong 'cause people have and do.


Ok guys - I hope that things got clarified when it comes to Ahriman - you see you can talk to everything in the cosmos - as everything has consciousness - a lot of beings are representative of cosmic archetypal forces - from archangels to demon(i)s(ed) (deities) to other gods and goddesses etc… you should be good. You can even evoke the source of the Cosmic Mind and more - so just try :slight_smile:
I called forth Ctulhu for example - best is to bring them into full manifestation, in terms of, at the very least, space - because that opens you to the cosmic mind, which is ultimately your cosmic mind.

But you can call any spirit through candle magick wherever you are as well, regardless of where you are, or just at home but outside is best. The desert has a symbolic meaning to it in terms of alchemy when you would have the chance - or some desert ground zone at least.

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