Can mantra chanting and ritual magick be combined

Greetings living gods of the multi-universe. Like I earlier shared in my intro that I am a user of mantra. I wish to delve deeper into rite/ritual related magick to find a beautiful thick-sex-loving lady and also find dream job. Please I need your advice. Can mantras be combined with magick circle pentagram related work?.

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Of course it can be combined. Sometimes it’s even used when doing rituals to find a spirit sex partner.

The ritual above is an example of using chants and the main “mantra” and conduit are Lilith herself. You basically state your intentions by calling her out, when burning the letter.

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Try the Middle Pillar Exercise after the LBRP. A great beginner practice. Try it for six months. Though make sure you get the LBRP down pat first (at least a couple of months) before trying vibrating / chanting the god names of the Middle Pillar exercise.

This is a good resource;

On a side note, it would be interesting to hear of someone on the forum consistently doing this for six months and blogging about their experiences. My guess is that they’s become so depolarized they’d have no need of this forum with its polarizing / polarized folk.


I mean like for example combining Hindu/Buddhist mantra and Solomonic/enochian magicked. Won’t it clash? Aren’t they Different deities?.

How do I do the LBRP?

It depends on who you ask. A strict follower of any one of those dogmas would say its not possible, or a bad idea. Personally, I say diversity is strength. Combine what you feel will yield stronger results. Experiment.

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There should be several posts in this forum explaining the LBRP, including a video E.A. made on the subject if I’m not mistaken.

I could recommend the LBRP youtube video from BALG but it’s not good and leaves out half of the ritual which is like eating a roast chicken that is half cooked: you don’t want to go there.

This is a good rendition of the complete ritual:


Thank you Sir.

You’re very welcome. No need to thank me. There is a lot of good information given on this forum in particular and BALG in general but also some bad / incomplete information. Any good magician needs to be able to sort the wheat from the chaff. Just doing my bit :wink:

Look into Jason Miller’s work (strategic sorcery).