Can Lucifer Talk Through Music?

So I am brand new to the left hand path. I work hard as hell to get better. I just had my first successful evocation. I simply stared at Lucifer’s Sigil and chanting his enn for 1 hour. I lit sandalwood and then lavender after. I definitely felt his presence but couldn’t hear him directly it was weird. I heard punk rock music faintly (like blink 182/good charlotte type) then a guitar solo (like Van Halen) about ten minutes later. It was incredibly faint I was completely alone in my house. No way of it being a neighbor. Could Lucifer tried talking through that? Also any tips on hearing him better? Going for a simple non visual ritual to start.


Lucifer collective can, they do use this electromagnetic harrasement and radiovawe manipulation…

simple and annoying technology, they call it mechanics, yet its not from mechanic kindom…

this is gonna be, sad to say, very cultularry important in upcoming schemes


Lucifer likes art, so he can send you signs through some songs, or songs he enjoys. Spirits can use songs in general, my guides often do. If it’s a song you recognize, listen to it. It might have a message for you.


Definitely. Sometimes I’ve asked him to send a message through the “next song” when I listen to music, it always works. I’ve been friends w him a long time, and I hear music that’s “not there” allot.


Thank you all for all the replies much appreciated. It was weird because there was no music player in the house able to make music. Also the music was coming from the right to my left I heard a static noise pretty loud begin changing quickly in pitch. I find it strange two types of communication was attempted at once. The music and static were very noticeable but couldn’t make out a message. Any tips to amplifying this?

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Meditate on your chakras. Meditation in general helps. If you meditate with a spirit (Lucifer, here) they can boost the process, but you’re the one essentially working on it.

Yea I have and getting really good I can get into theta gamma in 20 min or so at times vs an hour. Will try focusing on chakras thanks!

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