Can lucifer save me from satan?

I sold my soul to Satan. Can Lucifer save me?>

A better question you should be asking yourself is am i going to get banned off this forum because despite being told not to make anymore threads about the same topic i somehow think it’s ok to keep doing just that. :thinking:

My judgement on this is no one here can help you because you don’t really want to be helped, and this is a problem you have quite literally in every way created for yourself.


It’s a different subject. Its a general question.

I have warned on this, and many other members have raised concerns about the regularity with which the exact same question is posted by this member with only superficially different wording… I have suspended the OP for 90 days as a final attempt to remedy this, hopefully if/when they return they will understand that asking the same question and completely ignoring a massive range of helpful responses isn’t acceptable.

I’m going to lock this topic, anyone who wants to assist the OP can please do so in their other thread that I have already had to merge things into, as they will be able to read replies should they wish to do so (but be prevented from repeating the same topic over, and over…):