Can Lilith help me become sexually attracted to myself?

I’ve NEVER been the girl to masturbate. I bought a toy a couple of months ago, used it for 4 minutes (I counted.) and got so uncomfortable and disgusted with myself. its been hidden in the bottom of my sock drawer since. I have no idea why my own sezuality makes me so uncomfortable. Is this something Lilith could help me with?
My fiance hasn’t sexually touched me in 3 months (not sure if we have some sort of blockage or if it’s because his succubus randomly showed up again) and it makes me feel less than and like I’m not enough of a woman. How do I go about asking Lilith for help? I just wanna experience an orgasm for the first time (I’ve had so much sex in my 21 years of being alive but no orgasm. sad, right?)


I think the better solution is to let go of your guilt over sexuality and masturbation, which a lot of spirits can help with, including Lilith.

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Actually it’s not sad, there are a great deal of women that don’t have an orgasm for a variety of reasons. Sex just isn’t like how it’s portrayed on tv. A lot of women need a great deal of stimulation before they can achieve an orgasm or climax. I won’t get into the specifics because I don’t know the figures, but it’s normal for some women to have never achieved orgasm.

If you feel like working with Lilith would help you let go of whatever is blocking you from feeling comfortable with your body, mentally and physically, then connect with her. If your partner isn’t touching you maybe do some work to remove whatever blockages are preventing you two from connecting emotionally and sexually. There are many spirits you can work with for this.


Actually you should try the Great God Pan he is after all the one who taught masturbation. Lilith is always empowering in all areas. Both are great to work with

@lunawayne Try looking up sacred sexuality also. Mixing Lilith along with that might help you get more comfortable with your body image and sexuality.

The stats are something around 30-40 percent of women never having orgasm from sex I think and 70-80 are unable to climax from penetration alone. I might be off on those but they’re definitely fairly representative I’m pretty sure. Ik the penetration stats are within 10 percent though.

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were you raised religiously? if so it would not surprise me if you considered any sexual act to be sinful.

few women climax during PIV intercourse. hopefully you can communicate with your partner and come to an alternative arrangement. don’t be afraid to speak up.

to answer your question, yes, I imagine Lilith could help, and so potentially could other entities, for yourself or your partner. Asomdai, Amon, Haniel, Aphrodite, Samael come to mind


Do a ritual with rosier asking for self love that runs deep and permeates every centermeter of your being, sitri, astaroth or like you said Lilith to help with the whole self pleasure. Also perhaps cimeries to remove any subconscious fears of whatever is suppressing you.

I’ve heard sitri can help with sexual prowess.

Also bathin can change your mindset to be that of a person who has a healthy relationship to sex.

Duke Sallos would also be great for the understanding and communication part of this I think!

Astarte can help with your problem. JS and Barbie Garrett work with her regularly for love/sex matters, why not check out their channel on YouTube? You’ll find her sigil on this forum through a search. She can also deal with sexual healing, chakra healing, and other aspects of being a woman. She can help with self love, sexual trauma healing, guilt/shame, etc.

I’ve worked with her for empowerment and she’s easy and pleasant to work with.

Lilith can also help and could be worked with alongside Astarte for different aspects of this issue, but I feel you need to consult Lilith and Astarte (if you decide to approach Astarte) to see what they say about that.

You could also try Isis or Inanna as an alternative but you’d need to raise your shakti if you want to evoke or invoke them.

Ixchel is great for sexual health, sexual healing, chakra clearing and unblocking.

Santa Muerte (white robe and red robe) can help if you are willing to learn about her and work with her long term.

There are other dark goddesses to check out if you do your research.

If your issue is related to sexual guilt arising from religious upbringing or influences, you could check out the reverse baptism offered by JS Garrett. The DIY ritual is in the Satan grimoire published by BALG.