Can Kali kill me and destroy my soul?

I don’t need words about weaknes. Just give me straight answer.I want to stop exist in every possible way. So, can she do it for me? As sacrifice she may accept my offer, I think

No. That’s not her thing.

What deitie can do it then?

None. They’re gods. It’s generally not something they are inclined to do. They are far more interested in seeing struggle lead to growth.

And by the way, your soul isn’t yours. It belongs to itself. Your conscious human mind may want to cease to exist, but it is highly likely your soul does not. If it did, then it wouldn’t have even bothered to come here to begin with. Once your human self is gone, it would be free to do whatever it wants.


Does any possible way exist to make it?

I saw many tourtured souls by myself and I know that I have a really big chance to fall there

they are like batteries, feeding reality with suffering and the spirits that torment them

Then work on ascending. That’s the entire point of self deification, to become an isolate consciousness.


If you’re in the USA and you’re feeling suicidal, you can dial 988 and speak to a professional.

Her Version of killing is destroying the ego and cleansing the soul to give it a clean slate in away.


To then create a new improved?

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