Can i work with more than 1 demon

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I just need to know if it is possible to work with more than 1 demon ,every night before i go to bed i thank the 19 demons i have learned from in the past and i continue to ask for guidance from all 19 of them ,i hope what i am doing is not offence to any of the demons ,i love them all dearly ,i tried to choose one demon but i just couldn’t i am thinking of honoring one demon a day like offering wine e.g monday Master Clauneck ,tuesday President Vine etc ,can i do it like that ?

Yes, you can.

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Thank you DarkestKnight ,i was actually thinking about you before posting ,you the best ! Thank you for the answer

I’ve worked with Hecate, Belial, and Leviathan at the same time before, although not for the same things.

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I am afraid of Leviathan

Good question I too wonder this cause it seems easy to connect with ones energy but it’s because I Stay focused on it I wonder if I could be able to focus on multiple God’s and spirits at once but would the connections be weaker than if I just work with one at a time

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I did a ritual and symbolically fed someone to Leviathan once took a few weeks but Now that person’s life has fallen apart but I still don’t have a personal pact or relationship with that spirit.
One practioner I met said he did a ritual asking Leviathan for Nightmares and now He keeps having vivid dreams of dying different ways and says he feels everything in the dream like it was real.

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Connect with them on separate days …e.g monday God Lucifer ,tuesday king Beelzebub etc…it works i just needed confirmation on this

19 demons???

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Week 1 Monday -God Lucifer
Tuesday -King Beelzebub

Week 2 Monday -The Great King Paimon
Tuesday -King Belial
Week3 etc

I have a question: how did you choose your name?

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My real name is innocent ,then the uchiha part i got it from the naruto manga ,i like the uchiha clan

So you’re innocent

Haha yes thats my real name

and you’re innocent all the time?

Nope lol I am a bad dude

What bad things do you do? Going with the tram or bus without ticket? :joy:

Lol nah ,k k u got me i live up to my name