Can I use use many spells for many desires at once and get result?

Hello, I am beginner in practicing magick. I started by reading all materials from these authors: Geoff Gray-Cobb, Frank Rufold Young, Carl Nagel, Jason Pike & Basil E Crouch.

I have collected 5 best techniques after reading books from these authors. I decided to use each technique for each goal. My goals are: success in my online business, get a girlfriend, get some quick money, have sex and cure my some health problems. Actually I need all my goals urgently in my Life.

So my question is: Am I doing fine? Is it ok to pursue 5 goals by 5 different magick techniques. Or I should focus on one goal at a time. I am just confused.

If you are a beginner then you need to start with basic stuff like meditation, getting into tgs, astral projection and learning as much as you can about magick

Of coarse you can still perform spells but you quite possibly not get any results from this whatsoever and this will turn you off magick.

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According to that bit of experience I have, i.e. almost no success, I fear it is so. Indeed my response has often be to step back and working on some skills.

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In the beginning you may not have the wattage necessary to do multiple spells in a single go. In fact it is not uncommon for beginners to have to to repeat the same spell for several consecutive nights for the same purpose to get a result. I would set some priorities and tackle those first. And I’ll give you a hint. Regardless of what your hormones may be telling you, getting a girlfriend and getting laid should make the bottom of the list. I would rank it as health, money, and companionship in that order

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Thank you for replay
I have read more than 30 books of magick from parkar and finbarr publishions. In my 1st attempt I invoked spirit nitika for money and got it after 2 days. My health spell is already giving result. My business is going on right path after 3 years of failure. Seduction spells (invoking asmodeus by carl nagel black magick methods) are working as I am getting many women attentions. I am expert in meditation. What i desire to know is that, is it ok to pursue many goals at once or just one goal at a time.

My theory is that all my 5 techniques works independently. So may be it is ok to pursue all my goals at once.

I am not one to tell people not to experiment. If you have a theory and a plan then do the work and see what happens.

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Thank you, at least you give me a positive replay to go for experiment.