Can I use the same candle for different invocations

can I use the same candle, say its a black candle and I wanted to use that for a spell also for invoking etc would I have to use a new one each time?

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A black candle would be suited for demonic and some other specific workings; a red candle for contacting Fire elementals and, again, other types of magic. But even more important than a wax color it’s the color of light in the Temple. So, the same candle could be used.

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A Candle is a tool - Like an hammer, You can use it to drive nails into different materials as long as it works.

Again, It boils down to personal preferences.
I once used a white candle four times for a spell before using it to invoke a demon.


It is a tool but depending on what kind of tool you are using it for you may wanna use different candles.

For example if you are using a candle as the focus to raise specific energies for a spell. The color of the wax, the sigil/s carved into the wax and the wax itself all absorb the energy you pour into through effort as it also build up the psychological tension prior to the ritual.

Once the spell is cast the tension in the mind is released as well as the energies that are bound into the candle itself. Which is why most candle spells will say to let the candle burn down all the way.

Now if you are using a candle for an invocation you could just focus on the flame as a gate to this power. Bit if it is a larger jar candle for example you can snuff it out after this ritual and over time the wax will fill with the energies of the entity or force invoked or evoked.

Wax is very good at holding programs from energies, as much as water is. Major difference is with wax you can see the effect of the energies on liquid wax from the shifting to a soild state after it is charged. Making your own candles for this purpose pours your energy into the entire process as well.


Okay thank you! I wondered that because I do so many rituals and invoking that would be like 600 candles figuratively lol

In my experience, yes. Some people will say no because it was for a different purpose than the original one. Or you might be dealing with different energies. I honestly don’t think it makes a huge difference, and you can always re-program tools.


With most tools this is true, with things like wax and water it may be less time consuming to just use a different candle or fresh water. Since a decent reprograming would need the old substance cleansed and purged of all the former energies if they are unrelated to the work.

Depending on what you are doing, reprograming may not be worth the time and effort, ya know?


yes I understand sounds right :blush:Thank you guys

I’d say no. When you set an intention on a candle that candle is bound to that intention. So if you do a spell the candle should not be uss for anything but that spell. Now , if you are doing a money spell or opening vision spell that candle can be used again in ritual on that same intent - like during mesitation, for instance. Do not blow it out but snuff it. Then, when you need it, relight i t and do the meditatiom or whatever, using the candle for the same intent. To open your 3rd eye. See?

You can use a candle for evoking an entity. That candle, desicates ro a particular entity can be used repeatedly to evoke that same individual. It would be very poor taste and judgment, i feel though, to use the same candle to call a different entity. Some get posessive. HOWEVER. If you must use the same candle to call a different entity I would say if it was cleansed of energies very well it MIGHT be ok. i would not take a candle dedicated to Santisima Meurte for instance, and give it to someone else. She would be highly offended and that is not a place id like to be.

Spell candles tend to need to be burned completely. Not all spells, but the way i learned, is that candle is calling up an entity into battle most of the time. Magick takes time. The candle is the energy and offering. It also gets read. You can not use it to read how the spell went if it is not allowed to burn. When the candle burns out the spell is done.

To me the colors are important. just as how you dress the candle is important.

In magick it is kinda typical to say it is whatever the practitioner chooses. This is well and good, but still it is a science at the same time. A candle WORKS because of a variety of reasons. These things mixed together create the change you desire. . To me, you can intend to make cupcakes as much as you want, but if you fail to add eggs to the mix, you’re going to end up with something. It’s just not going to be what you .


Simply think of ritual as dating…

Would you wear the same outfit on two different dates back to back?
Would you pull out the leftover meal of the first date for the second?

Invocation and evocation are dating.

So no, do not use the same candles twice any more than you would hand a second date the leftovers from the first date.

Common sense people. Treat entities with the respect of a true friend and all of this quits being rocket science.

It (magick) was never rocket science to begin with. That is simply the illusion of those who wanted to be middlemen without offering any true additional value.


Yes, unless you are doing a candle magic spell in which the candle is filled with your intention. For evocation and invocation, it does not matter because the candles are used mainly for illumination and atmosphere. I have used two sky blue candles for the evocation of angels, demons, and an elemental king with no problems, and i will continue until they are burned down.


If they are candles you light every time to set the mood then yes. It’s setting the ambiance. But when I light a candle for an entity, that’s only for them. I’ve only worked with Lucifer but I’m a little weird - I put his glass, place mat, incense and candles away and won’t use them for any other entity, should I choose to evoke another . I just feel odd about it, like he’s an honored guest and that’s for him only.


I too have a set of candles that are set aside for a particular demonic King. I do not do that for every entity though, only those I have a personal relationship with. I use whatever I have on hand for one off evocations.

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Well if u short in money go to dollar store u get 80.for 4 buks tea lights. Few colors or buy a tall skiny break in parts. If its evocation i save. Or love i save. But if itd for any prosperity. I let them burn

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What I wanna know is let say I have a spell to cast for 7 or 9 days will I have to burn a new candle all the way down each time or use the same candle that was intended for that spell and last day let it burn down

Again here not talking about invocation or evocation

I personally keepseparate candles for different operations, but it’s your call.

Magick is subject to the Project Triangle. You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. Prioritize what’s most important to you and go forward from there.