Can i smoke weed and still communicate with spirits

Hi so this is a bit out of topic but i recently found out that the throat chakra is connected to clairaudience A.K.A. Clear hearing
To be able to hear spirits
And i was wondering if i can smoke weed
Cause apparently when you smoke your throat chakra gets fucked up and thats not good so i was wondering if i can still hear spirits perfectly fine even if i smoke weed
The reason why i want to smoke weed is because of an illness i have and i have heard that medical marijuana is great for my illness
So do you guys think i can smoke weed and still hear spirits perfectly fine.
If you are someone who smokes and work with demons and can hear and communicate with them
Pls let me know
Any answers is highly appreciated


Yes from what I’ve seen here some spirits don’t mind being evoked by someone under the influence of marijuana. But some really hate when you’re drunk on alcohol and evoke them. In general I’d say it depends on the spirit. Some are more tolerant than others it would seem.


I wouldn’t recommend smoking at all, let alone marihuana. You are much more powerful without those habits. That being said… It is your life, so do as you please.


Marijuana makes it very easy to get into trance. But some spirits dont like it.


I dont mean that i would be high when contacting spirits. I just wanna know if i can smoke in my free time
And still hear spirits

smoking weed will open your third eye, in doing so your throat chakra will be loosened, so youll be able to hear from the ether

so yes you can, you just have to get “into” that altered state


I’m an every day toker have been for the most part for 5 years. It dulls your senses if it’s too much. Here and there leaves that nice kick that you could use in ritual work for a profound experience.

These day, it’s still one my addictions I still face to this day. Each time going back to it is because of boredom, I have a lot of energy with being left unsure what to do if I don’t smoke.

Has it held me back spiritually? Yes because it’s held me back in many others ways as well. So don’t abuse the nice plant, it can be used for a extremely mild psychedelic/spiritual experience if you come to terms that smoking alone simply serves as the mirror for the man or woman to look at. We become introspective and reflect upon our values, the world, and everything with it :slight_smile:


I had a dream about how elves or some other nature spirits created weed to keep mankind under control and trap us in some low dimension. I don’t smoke because of that dream. There was a lot more to it.


A little weed is good. Being really stoned/high leads to erratic thought patterns, rambling, loss of focus and things can get disorienting and embarrassing really quickly.

Example: Communicating with Belial and mind wanders to some youtube video about cats and you burst out laughing. Not cool man. For me, that would be embarrassing.

Unfortunately I did exactly this. Felt like an arse. My planned ritual fell apart and went off the rails.

Bottom line: My advice is to stick to low doses or the buzz gets in the way.


How did Belial react to that?


Psychedelics, in general, do open doors onto other dimensions. However, you’re too stoned when you get there to do anything to benefit with what you might discover.

IMHO it’s better to enter higher dimensions with a clear mind—one that is capable of analyzing its perceptions and maintaining control. Magical practices like meditations, Kabbalistic Cross, etc can teach you how to do this. They at least within time induce experiences very similar to getting high.

LSD, pot or other things may easily lead to abuse within time and may breed addiction, hence adversely affect parts of the mind. Taking drugs if you accept the analogy here is like jumping into an ocean and If you’re not already an expert swimmer, you may either wash up somewhere that you may not like or even you may be drowned.


Yeah as long as your not too fried. I communicate with spirits after I smoke.


I know Bune doesn’t Mind. I feel like is stronger when your under the influence of alcohol.
but I guess it varies per person also.


I was too high to remember specifically but the spirit insulted me, like laughing at me and my weakness. I wound up swearing and attempting to banish it as a pathetic knee jerk reaction. It didn’t work. How dare this ancient demon insult me! Lol. I went to bed like a little bitch and tried to ignore the elephant in the room. Before my pathetic attempt at banishing, it became a combative situation. Felt like a fool afterwards. I realized how stupid I behaved and that Belial was teaching me an important lesson. It was stupid and very embarrassing.

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Oh wow. I’m sorry to hear that. We live & learn, though, right?

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Thanks. Its nice to have it confirmed by other source.


We certainly do dark sister. Belial has since become somewhat of my patron deity.

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Make a tea from the leaves. I find it is a smoother ride and doesn’t f&^% up the throat.


it should be the complete opposite lmao