Can I request a early leave? Spiritual return?

Don’t wanna be in this vile nasty world full or sex monsters amongst other evil monsters,
I can finish life plan as a spirit

is this why you wana leave this world?

If you in a place that you hate, embrace it because pain and discomfort is what causes growth.

Do not run to easier more comfortable existence. Observe the world around but dont get attached to it

Ground you self, and Live your life

Life is beautiful if you focus on the things that matters

Good luck and I wish you More Growth :heart:


All this you’re complaining about exists on the spiritual/etheric too as well as the astral/mental plane. So you’re shit out of luck lol.


Just live life as an observer for now and let curiosity expand your mind. Your only feeling that way cuz your projecting negative emotions to events strongly. Making a big deal out of external events. It’s all perspective. what you think is a sex monster. Others may think of it as passionate lover. It’s all about context. And an observer is objective. they have no thoughts ,opinion or feelings about events.


With your force of will and vision you have the power to change what you think is wrong in this world. Be a part of the change you want to see.