Can I put my emotions on someone else?

Can I project my emotions onto someone else? If so can you do this from a distance? Like projecting someone to miss me?

Is there a set in stone way to do this if its possible?

I have done this to some effect, as a matter of fact. It depends on the affect you wish to have. Missing is often the Heart. I have never tried it over great distances but line of sight for other emotions. The principle should be similar with only the target chakras varying. Draw the emotion into your heart chakras, feel it coagulate and congeal into a sphere separate and in front of your chakra. Next (and this is where the Line of Sight comes in), allow your energy to create a thin thread of a link between your own heart chakra and your target´s while threading through the sphere. Finally push that sphere into their heart chakra. If you did it correctly, the results shouldn´t take more and a few minutes.


Humans do this unconciously. Putting intent behind it just amplifies the effect.

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True, but when done with deliberateness, it is quite a difference. And, most, not believing have not learned to defend against such manipulation, if it is at all fully possible to do so (I have had limited success).

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You can, it’s rather like using yourself as a poppet. The trick, is to see yourself not as yourself, but focusing on being the targeted person. It’s a handy trick for penetrating defenses. Attune to them, change the frequency shared by both of you, trick them in to attacking themselves

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O.o Ooooh! I had never thought of that tactic! Gonna have to write that one down for myself to remember! @Mao, you are, as always, a font of fascinating information! :grin:

You can defend against it. Its not easy for the spoiled masses, but for us… You have to shut everything off, choose not to feel or acknowledge the feeling that is outside of your own.

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Yes you can but theres probably more than 1 way to accomplish this for empaths it’s somewhat easier since they can feel others emotions as if they were their own , The trick I used was somewhat like what Mao said but instead of putting my emotions on said person I would give them a headache that usually lasted between 1-3 hours or mins depending on how much you practice with it