Can I manifest something that's out of reach/impossible?

Exactly as the title says, I want to manifest something that’s impossible to get through normal ways.

What I want is to move to my dream house in the UK. Why it’s impossible is because :

  1. I live in a hell country (serbia) where the UK doesn’t allow many immigrants from
  2. I am poor, I make $600 USD a month at my job I hate. This is the average salary here. The house I want in the UK costs a half a million USD. I will never be able to afford that even if I try.
  3. I have a crime record (I was a “football hooligan” as a teenager which I now obviously regret) and being an ex criminal makes it nearly impossible to immigrate literally anywhere

So as you can see, in normal ways, my dream is impossible. But is there any (ideally fast) magick that will make it possible, or at least bring me closer to it?


Yes, it is possible. Look into Neville Goddard’s Law of Assumption, and living in the end you desire.


That really depends on your current “stats”, as I like to call it.
Your geographical situation is kind of tricky (Serbia not quite in the EU, the UK just brexiting its way out of it) so I would probably suggest a layered approach in this case: making your way into a trustworthy EU based company and build from there on. Glamour magick would be a very good option in order to blurr out your criminal records. If you have anything to offer job or degree wise (my country is struggling with a so called shortage of skilled workers in MANY professional areas!): boost that shit by any means. Look up for magickal ways to smooth talk your way up the corporate ladder in your current location until you can take the leap to an EU based country. There is a load of paid internships (international internships!) here in Europe, if you can make it to Ireland (for example) you are really close to your desired location. Get creative in the meantime with money magick and influencing your superiors and attracting the right people to your cause.


To my knowledge, no. I mean in the sense that 'Can I move the sun it’s place?. No. no one can so there are things that cannot be done in this matrix or hollogram if you like to call it. It would be materialized but wouldn’t stand time. We live in a shared (it is what most people forget) space of existence. Not everything can be re-done or desired like that. I heard from history books that certain miracles can happen that can shape or bend reality, this level of power goes beyond mere mortal consciousness only a very few can do.

It can be done, but you have to take little steps towards your goal.

Let’s say you want to be a millionaire… don’t try to manifest a million dollars if you earn $600/month, because there’s no way it can happen in a positive way (I mean, it could, but not without wrecking your life because it’s too outside of your scope right now). Instead, try to manifest an income of $1k/month, then save, then manifest some inheritance or luck/chance money, etc. Aim high, but one step at a time.

I don’t have a criminal record, but I come from a country where the average salary is $200/month. It took me six years to find ways to work and save enough money to flee. In the last two years, the pandemic and quarantines happened, and while I was furious at the continuous delays and uncertainties, it gave me extra time to save and manifest more resources. When I finally moved, I was given somewhere to live for free. To this day, I’m not paying for anything, and I’m living my dream. I’m getting free scholarships at really important places and making a lot of effort in learning, and the future will get even better for me!

I had to be patient. I layered my workings. I drew generous, kind people towards me. Luck, opportunities, everything.

It can absolutely be done, don’t feel discouraged.

Have a plan, think of tiny little steps to take, layer your workings, and be patient. Nothing’s impossible.

Spirits that helped me: Goddess Fortuna, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Zadkiel, Nitika.

Recommended book: Magickal Riches by Damon Brand.

It won’t happen without effort. You have to do your part!


My god you’re good. Wish i could put my life in your hands, you’d solve it in a minute lol


Could you share some work you’ve done with Goddess Fortuna?

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Ceremonial magick.

You just need an image/statue of her (I just printed an image of her with her cornucopia), yellow or gold candles, vanilla or honey incense (she likes sweet smell and taste), and coins or crystals.

Call her, offer the candles, incenses, coins/crystals in her honor, and ask her to bless you with wealth, abundance, gifts, clients/customers, etc.

When your income starts to increase, light incenses for her in gratitude. She’s super benevolent.


So nice of you for replying so fast. Thank you so much.

As far as the legal issues are concerned, I would recommend Belial. He always likes to help those in unfortunate circumstances who are trying to help themselves.

Bune will help you with finances and how to manage your money. Money will seem to come out of the most unlikely places. It will seem to appear out of nowhere.

And King Paimon is very helpful when dealing with corporate structures and hierarchy. “Influencing your superiors and attracting the right people to your cause.”


But they can be very tricky, right? (I want use them in magick, but don’t know anything about the system yet)

Don’t say that, your life is more complex than that and you’d be well-advised to be your own best problem solver :slight_smile: But thank you :smiley:

You can manifest anything, regardless of how big it is however you may need a little guidance from spirits to get you there so yeah it goes hand in hand, but they’ll still do their best to make things happen even if you can’t communicate

You obviously have fears around money which is understandable but that also makes it hard to break out of those limiting beliefs and karmic patterns and leave the job, so yes the Law of Assumption can help with this a lot

If I were you I’d sit down and get really real about your life if you aren’t already

Screw smoking, sex, drugs, Netflix, junk food and let your lower chakras clear up a little, it might be hard to fully dedicate yourself to this process but if you choose to work with spirits that can help you with your situation and dedicate your path to the desired outcome, you will most definitely get there and you will also change as a person so this is also an internal process for you not just external, you will have to let go of who you think you are to become what is meant for you because you wouldn’t desire these things if to an extent it didn’t desire you either

See this process as letting go of everything that’s not you and becoming your true self that has everything it naturally wants, and assume you’re that person right now, the internal changes are the first step

I was just saying 'cause youre a good strategist