Can I cure diabetes?

A lot of people here claim to cure other things but can diabetes be cured?

I don’t know. There are powerful magicians on this forum who are diabetic so if it was so simple to cure, surely they would have done it by now.


Diet and lifestyle changes, which in itself is a spell.

If you have type 2.


If you are the one having this illness
you lived trough very sad moments on your life, your sorrow is still with you, and the sweetnes tenderness of love, you have found difficult to reach, so you try to control situations in order to feel loves
you try to retain love by force, you might have become a “bitter person” so you need all the swetness of life you have not had

you escape from sorrow, but trying to control love and tenderness to avoid the pain, makes you unable to act or react in a correct manner when you recive love and care

Sugar is representative of love and tenderness, your body does not presses it the right way, because you do not know how to prosses real love and tenderness in your heart

all deseases have a spiritual root before they become manifest in the body

change your behaviour, accept the pain, and learn a right way to accept and react to love and tenderness, do not try to control things in order to avoud the sorrow, as you will not be prosessing what you really need in the right way.

Haagenti can help you with diet and weight loss (depending on the specifics of your diabetic condition). But you’ll have to do some soul searching, self-inventory, and above all work.

You need to figure out what you can control in this situation and then petition for help.

Not much different than addressing diet and lifestyle without magic except that you’ll be provided w/ the strength to adhere to the plan instead of collapsing under the plan’s weight.

Feel me?

I’ve made some stunning changes in the last month in those areas after calling on him.

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Cure it? Not that I am aware of. Based on my understanding from family members having the disease, I think that in order to completely cure diabetes, one would have to correct the build up of every cell’s tolerance of insulin (in type two) and/or deformities in the hormone. For type 1, the cells that produce insulin would need to be repaired. Both would likely require massive shifts in the dna. That is something a lot of energy would be required for that kind of change.

That being said, some people who have had type two have in a sense reversed the need for medication with weight loss and change in diet under medical supervision. I think that if you are type two, putting magic to help changing eating and exercise habits (as well as shadow working to understand any emotional triggers if one finds eating highly sugared food as a comfort, which many people do) could be a more efficient avenue than trying to cure the disease.

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No, I have type 1.

I have type 1 diabetes though. My pancreas are fucked and don’t produce insulin at all. Not much I can do about that with regards to diet and excercise. I’m not even overweight

Can you tell me more about DNA shifts?

I’ve heard that frequency and subliminals can help. I’ve never used these as I’m not diabetic but there’s no harm in trying as song as you don’t have issues with seizures or epilepsy. Use earphones with subliminals and do not us them with frequency.

I’m not sure about curing with magick although anything is possible. Diabetes can be reversed though when google was in its “don’t be evil” heyday and they d about employees. The had a diabetes reversal programme at their HQ with world class doctors, dietitians, fitness instructors etc. and they reversed diabetes in about 10 employees costing google on average 25k per employee. With that being said I agree with @Brand_New the first ritual is having the discipline to stop consuming certain things and change your mindset and lifestyle.

I know a couple people with diabetes and most of them still eat crappy. It’s mind boggling.