Can I ask a favor?

I’d like to buy an Universal Circle so I watched the video posted on YouTube.
English is not my native language, so I did not understand something.
Could you briefly tell me, please, what EA said in that video, above all before and during its use.

Thanks a lot.

Ps. I put subtitles but the translation is automatic and not accurate.

Are you familiar with conjurations? Eric Koetting received that circle and conjurations a bit over a decade ago. Al aaash tal alash tad ashtu. Was given as well which led him to contact many of the ancient spirits he worked with in Kingdoms of Flame. You can use them as your own to do so as well. If you may, you can try them out. I would recommend chanting the conjuration in nature, that’s what I do. As well as drawing the universal circle if need be in dire circumstance. Many years later Eric Koeting detailed in his video that the conjuration was infact from an ancient language and culture known by history as the Nabataeans. The meaninga to call upon the ancient Daimons of the Earth to save the world of evil. I see morality as relative personally so I see this as calling upon the dark gods to save the planet from man’s decadence and evil.