Can dream affect reality?

I dreamt during the night I was at the gym, I felt some pain while working out but I don’t remember where exactly it was. when I woke up I didn’t feel any pain in body but few hours later, I started to feel an exaggerated pain around my neck, I really feel it is a muscle injury.
My question is can dream affect reality?

Yes. Dreams are created by your subconscious mind, and it is well known that the subconscious can affect your body. It’s the main cause of what’s known as the placebo effect, among other things, for example.


Yes, of course. Check out Tibetan Dream Yoga.

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Thanks @anon4083462 , let me google it…?

Probably yes.Maybe during your sleep you were moving your body as if you were working out. Most of the dreams I got give me signs of what is gonna happen in the future but I had a similar experience with you

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How do I get myself to stop dreaming about things I don’t want to manifest in my life?